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Hi, I'm Dalal. I began this blog back in 2013 (thankfully for me and you, all posts from this time have been archived!) where I used to write about fashion, makeup and my big dreams of travelling once I 'was grown up enough'. My blog has undoubtedly grown with me over the years from secondary school to now, as a newly 22 year old graduate who still loves fashion, beauty and travel, as well as history, art and spending long days by the beach.

Though I am not greatly active on my blog anymore, I still love having it around. It is perhaps the most concrete and tangible evidence of my existence and growth from a young girl to the young woman I am and continue to become. So if you're here, feel free to have a look at some of the old posts on here, I'd like to think I've been stringent enough in archiving the worst of them, so what's available to you should be relatively safe, cringe-wise! 

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