I'm a casual 7 days late to this but life got busy and blah blah blah you don't need to hear it all from me again. I always try to write down things I want to achieve in the new year, scribbling them on the back of whatever notebook I've been using the most throughout those last few months. Mostly just to have them down somewhere and flick to the page sometime in the year and see where I'm at. I also write them out and put them out for the internet to see on my blog, for the sake of authenticity and in line with my generations' ghastly habit of oversharing ;)

Although I've messily jotted down a couple of bullet points of what I want to achieve for the next year ranging from profound 'discover who I really am' (jk) to 'get your driving license' or 're-dye your hair lighter' I felt as if the end of 2019 was something that had to be commemorated in a more intricate way than reminding myself to cut my split ends off sometime this year. So, I tried to write down 19 things I learnt in 2019 like a basic bitch but only got to 10, so instead I've decided to broaden the time frame- it is the end of a decade after all. I've typed them out to spare you the mind numbing process of trying to read my handwriting.

1. let love in. welcome it with open arms. hold onto it tight and relish in the warmth it brings with her.

2. you are so much stronger and capable than you give yourself credit for. you shouldn't have to have other people tell you your worth in order for you to finally start believing it.

3. travelling is what makes you happy. travelling is your way of pushing yourself and toppling those boundaries inside you. keep on doing it.

4. you are supported by so many amazing people who want to see you and spend time with you, who want to meet up for coffee or go out on a walk or watch a film with you. don't ever feel like you're alone again.

5. you enjoy your own company. you are perfectly capable of being alone. you can explore cities in your own, sit at a restaurant or cafe and eat/drink alone, sit in a park and read on your own. this, however, does not mean you don't need others, don't push people away. no man is an island :P

6. laundry is the best adulting task there is, you get nice smelling, warm clothes at the end of it.

7. going out isn't your thing- don't force it.

8. with that being said...techno isn't too bad.

9. food is good. food is your friend. it is not your enemy! especially spanish tortilla. sometimes you will be so sad and tired that all you want is a bar of chocolate for comfort, who are you to deprive yourself of that?

10. cats are the best. especially the campus cat which purrs and climbs on your lap. enjoy these short moments.

11. not everyone will think the same as you, have the same values as you or believe in the same ideologies and principals as you, even though you believe yours will make the world a better place (looking at you, 2019 general election) you will be disappointed that some people could be so selfish and hard-hearted. but don't lose hope...let it radicalise you instead!

12. richmond park is a wonderful, top tier green space. visit it more.

13. you're very capable of making friends and socialising with people you don't/barely know. you're no longer the one to disappear in the shadows and hope to be invisible when in a room of people. instead, you're now the one to reach out to those who have slipped into the shadows and make them feel included. carry on with this, within or outside of social settings.

14. some people, you just won't click with instantly. that's life, you're not going to get along with every single person you meet! stop bending over backwards to redeem some semblance of a friendship.

15. don't fall into the pressure of following a certain career path because it's what other people are doing and a conventional path to 'success.' if doing GDL and going into commercial law or a summer internship at one of the big four doesn't interest you, don't force it.

That's all I can think of! Well...I could probably think of another four things to ensure this post title isn't a complete lie but in the words of point number 7, "don't force it" ;)
I promise I'll be more present on my blog this year, I miss it so much and, for the first time in forever, I have quite a few ideas for blog posts which is exciting.

What have you learnt in the last year? Do you have any goals for the new year? 
Dalal xx


  1. happy new year Dalal, I love these so much. Espec not forcing things that dont feel right (going out, career/ life pressures) all about going with the flo this new year. Wishing you the best in 2020, and if you wanna do a travel trip hmu! xo

    1. Happy new year!!! Yes exactly, just taking life as it comes and not trying to push yourself into uncomfortable situations. Ahh a travel trip would be fab (already dreaming of summer)

      Dalal xx


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