I'm missing so many things about the summer. the warm days, the excitement over everything, the days of doing whatever i want, the seemingly never-ending cycle of packing my suitcase and unpacking it, the journey to stansted airport, the ever-present google maps on my phone, the crossed fingers and knocking on wood as I click 'confirm and pay' on a hostel/airbnb booking and the subsequent high fives with Ambra, navigating foreign public transport and usually not paying for it, packed busses up the lake, all the views of water, greenery, little towns as the train zooms past, countless glossier pink pouches filled with things from period pads to paracetamol and loose change.

I'm writing this on a beautiful Sunday morning. I woke up at around 9 and opened the curtain to the bluest of blue skies, went to make breakfast and looked out of the window and noticed just how orange and yellow the leaves on the trees outside had turned. I'm a summer lover through and through but crisp autumn moments with fiery toned leaves peppering the streets are undeniably magical. Got back into my room with my breakfast, opened the window ever so slightly and played some music to get ready to and I don't think I've ever had such a lovely Sunday morning, even if it has been followed by copious amounts of reading.

I've been back at university for 8 weeks now which means we're over halfway through term which is just wild. Deadlines and summative assessments are piling up and society commitments and planning have been getting even heavier. It's also been November for 10 days now. I've slightly been walking on eggshells in the days leading up to the month because I am determined to make this a good month and as far away from last years experience as possible. There's so many 'bleugh' things coming up for this month but I'm reminding myself of all the fun things that the month has brought and will bring like a charity week dinner, tar barrels/fireworks, an upcoming talk about psychedelic drugs and meditation, home-cooked Italian dinner by my lovely Napoli flatmate, new music to add to my ever-growing 'smooth' playlist, a weekend back in London where hopefully I won't spend the whole time ill in bed, a surf trip, coffee dates with friends, Sabrina Claudio's concert, organising a christmas ball and more. November is always that irritating bump in the trajectory of term 1 but it seems like everything will be okay. I suppose my time has been filled to the brim, so much so that I don't even have the time to feel any sadness. It also helps that I have wonderful people surrounding me and supporting me. Second year is going well. It's been incredibly fulfilling already. I'm ready to make the rest of this month wonderful :)

How's life with you all? I haven't written on here in over a month. Let me know how uni/school is going and if you have anything exciting going on or something you're looking forward to this month :)


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