"how's life?" is a question I've been getting asked regularly, more so in the last few weeks, understandably so. it's a bit of a hard one because so much has been going on...so many big things which can't really be packaged into a short and snappy sentence that you mutter in the hopes of moving on the conversation and breaking out of the small talk. my responses have changed from "it's okay, just riding the wave" to "where do I even start" but in the best way possible. So much has been happening from travels to love to friendships and new adventures and I'm relishing in it. I've found myself missing writing and I don't mean the nostalgic open love letters to recent travels or the proceedings of a month that I've been posting over the last few months but just the feeling of opening 'new post' and telling you everything that's been going on.

so...how's life?


it's been marked by a week of 5am bedtimes leading up to interrail, the interrail trip itself, a week back home, a week in malta which brought beautiful lagoons and historic old towns but also a lost card holder and a case of heatstroke, a month of missing someone a thousand km's away, walks and phone calls by the river, waitressing, a week of 9-5 office work (which has solidified that I do not ever want to work in a corporate environment but if KPMG grad scheme recruiter is reading this, i guess don't mind it :P), writing post cards and letters, more waitressing, a few days back down in exeter moving my stuff into my new room for september and escaping to the beach for a couple of hours, an impulsive hair cut and now, I've just come back from a 5 day trip to barcelona which was enjoyable but exhausting in more ways than one. and it only seems like life is getting busier from here as I go back into work, my birthday approaches in just under a weeks time and a family holiday to istanbul is looming over.

pretty intense.

but it's been good. I've been enjoying myself and I've been growing and learning more about the world- the world of work, the world of love and the world outside of this little London-Exeter bubble I've been slipping in and out of. it's been a different summer to the other seventeen I've had where I felt stagnant and contained, trapped with no room to really venture out or grow or properly do things. I've also accepted that with this new dynamic of summer comes overwhelming busy-ness. I always feel like a bit of a wanker when someone messages or emails me chasing me up on something I promised I'd tell them/do for them and then responding with "ahhh I'm so sorry, life has been so busy right now" because bitch, everyone busy, but like Katie has written, it's hard to just stop, slow down and breathe. To drop my shoulders, relax my temples and take down my hair. but as I like to say, it's just another wave I'll have to ride and I'll enjoy it while I'm up there.

How's life been for you? I know A level results day is fast approaching so good luck to those getting their results, I wish you all the best <3

lots of love,

blog posts from malta and barcelona miiight be up soon. you'll probably also be getting another existential birthday post on wednesday because is it really the 21 august on my blog if you don't? 

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