It's been 4 months since I last posted. I'm not very good at explaining myself nor reintroducing so I'll just head straight to writing and uploading my photos in the hopes that my words and photography will be enough excuse me. If you're new or just really want to hammer home the impact of my absence, my about me page is still up there. Oh, and before I forget: here's the promise that now that it's summer and I have less commitments, I'll be writing and posting more frequently. the typical excuses that you've heard from me way too many times in the past.

I was in Valencia in the first week of April because a) my dad was really keen on going away somewhere and b) who am I to not accompany him. Flights were cheap as was an entire flat on AirBnB so we booked and went the following week. I liked that Valencia didn't really have much of a definitive list of 'things to do' and 'must-sees' It was a very relaxed and laidback city which is relatively unscathed by hordes of tourists. I also really enjoyed experiencing the individual culture of the region of Valencia. It seemed very French influenced and you may be able to see that in some of the following photos. Walking through some parts of the city brought memories of Paris. Take that as you wish.

Another thing to mention: the beach. It's an hour walk away from the centre and we spent more time there than sight-seeing. I always have and always will love the sea (and any open body of water, let's be honest)

Things I did in Valencia:
Napped under the sun on the beach
Ate paella and found out that single portions just don't exist
Tried horchata and still don't know how I feel about it
Bought and ate 2kg of strawberries
Had the best tarta de queso
seems like all I did was eat 
Climbed up El Miguelete bell tower
Visited Valencia Cathedral
Went to the fine arts museum and saw the self-portrait of Velasquez
Sat alone in the Plaza de la Virgen. An old lady started speaking to me in Valencian
Napped on the beach some more. Acquired some really sexy tan lines
and an even sexier sunburn 
Went into a war museum because it was free. Saw some rifles
Found out my dad loves a good food market
Got lost in the huge Corte Ingles on Carrer Colon
Saw a cat on a walk
Paid €6 for churros and chocolate
Went into la Llonja del Seda to kill some time- felt like I was in Seville with all the oranges
Photographed lots of pink and yellow houses
Saw a nunnery
Bought some beautiful watercolour post-cards, wrote them in the nearby Plaza de la Reina but sent them from the UK because I have trust issues with the Spanish postal system
Sat amongst the flowers on the Puente de las Flores
Went into the beautiful ceramics museum- the exterior was stunning as was the interior. didn't really care much for the ceramics, the decor was definitely centre-stage
Saw the Torres de Serranos
Listened to A Mi Manera being played by a sweet couple

I'm glad I've finally managed to get my Valencia travel diary off my mind, my mum was constantly hounding me about it and how I need to 'give the people what they want.' I'm currently back in London from Exeter and have some exciting plans for the summer between volunteering/working which I can't wait to share. I'll be back in Exeter sometime in late August to catch the tail end of summer. I hope you're all doing well (and didn't miss my blog too much ;))

Have you ever visited Valencia?


  1. These pictures are so beautiful... Recently I've heard lots of positive things about Valencia, might go there once too!

    1. Thank you so much! Valencia is definitely one to visit, I hope you can make it soon there in the end


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