I've been sad and struggling for the past month and quite frankly, wallowing in a pit of self-pity. It's so easy to get utterly consumed by negative emotions that sometimes you forget to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. I remember seeing this post on someones blog, but I just can't remember whose exactly, and thinking it was an great way to truly prove that it's the little things that count, not matter how stupid or superficial they may seem. So I quickly scribbled down 'a few good things' on a hot pink post it note and I'm writing them up on here to share them. I hope it makes you evaluate what good things there are in your life (because trust me, they do exist) that make you feel relaxed and at peace!

New glossier makeup

This is a brand I've been wanting to try out since 2015/16 and I finally made the order last Friday. I'd already tried out their priming moisturiser which I bought new off Depop but had never tried out their makeup. Until now! I have an amazing new mascara which does the best job at giving you fluttery lashes and omg I don't think my lashes have ever looked this nice before, boy brow which is hyped up for a very good reason and a sheer lip colour in Jam. I hadn't worn makeup in weeks so receiving this order really pushed me to put some on and feel good about myself again. The packaging is absolutely divine too, as you probably already know.

Fresh Lush face masks

Even more so then they're completely free. My flatmate works at Lush and brought back £42 worth of face masks and messaged our house group chat to tell us they're ours to use. I've since taken it upon myself to try each mask each night, just after working out and before showering. I'm incredibly loyal to the self-preserving Mask of Magnamnity but a few of the fresh face masks have earned a spot in my heart.

Post cards

I am a sucker for a good post card and my cork board in my room is testament to that. Whilst the ones from places I've visited are tucked away in a photo album, I love the random artistic ones. I love sending them to people even more. Paperchase and Hema are my go to's but places like the museums and galleries are also great places. I recently bought a postcard with a watercolour painting of London and I adore it so much, especially as I can see the area where I live in on there. 

Letter writing

Somewhat related to the theme of post cards, I've also gotten back into writing letters after a two month long stint (sorry Katie) Letter writing was the way to destress for me during year 13 and it was also a way to write out my problems and physically send them hundreds of miles away (again, sorry Katie) I finally managed to write and decorate a letter on Wednesday and oh my god have I missed using pastel highlighters for something other than notes, spreading cat design washi tape along an envelope, using watercolour post it notes and placing stickers on paper. It sounds so child-like and trivial but it's so so much fun, especially when you think of your pen-pal's reaction to seeing a prettily decorated envelope at their doorstep. I would highly recommend letter writing and if you feel the urge to do what I've just described but don't know who to send it to, I would be more than happy to give you my details so you can send it to me! 

New perfume 

I love perfume but I only brought two with me to university, one of which is my summer one by L'Occitane and the other is a cheap one from Avon which surprisingly smells amazing. My mum didn't let me bring her perfumes with me so I've been restricted to the two, especially the latter as the L'Occitane one is way too summery for 2 degree weather. So, my mum kindly decided to order me the perfume I've been wanting since I smelt it on my GCSE history teacher (yep, my history teachers have influenced me in more ways than one lol) I am now the owner of La Vie Est Belle which has been one of my favourite scents for years now. The name of the perfume itself is also a good reminder to not worry too much because life is good. 

Daily workouts

Lol. Despite having a very athletic background (that sounds so wanky) I have become so lazy and unfit and that definitely has an impact on my mental wellbeing. When my dad came to visit me, he kinda forced me to join my universities 'body soc' which is basically group exercise classes on campus with yoga, LBT, HIIT etc. I've been going to those as much as I can as well as using Blogilates videos on youtube which I remember having an almost unhealthy obsession with a few years ago. Yoga with Adrienne is also a huge part of my workout routine and I like to do her flows in the evenings as well. It definitely helps that I bought a few new work out clothes over the weekend. 

My history society fleece

Honestly this is the best £20 I've spent thus far. I bought the navy blue history soc fleece which has a half zip and my unis crest embroidered onto it and considering I bought it on Monday, I've worn it an awful lot. It's so soft and warm and legend has it that if it's worn whilst writing an essay, you will get a first. So there's that. 
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Some other honourable mentions are long phone calls with my mum, the campus cats (we have a ginger and a black one and they are the highlights of my day), this music video, smooth radio which always reminds me of my dad and the prospect 'sister santa' with my sister, a tradition where we spend £15 on each other that we've had for 3 years now. I have a few self help books I've been dipping into as well, one from my dad and one from my flatmate. I guess the prospect of December is also exciting, as it's a new month and a chance to get away from the hellish November I've had. Even though it's filled with deadlines, I'm going to Bath for the Christmas markets with body soc on the 9th and then I also have the history ball and then the modern languages ball shortly after. It also means going home is coming soon and then going home home to Morocco is also close. So there's a lot of exciting things happening!



  1. I love glossier stuff so much and I've heard such mixed things about the mascara but I'm glad to hear you like it!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. They’re the best! I personally love the mascara and now that I’ve been using it for a month I’ve actually noticed that my lashes are so much longer and thicker naturally so it’s worth a shot


  2. I love glossier! Their perfume is equally as gorgeous, I'm so happy I got it. :)
    Love this post x

    1. I really want to try their perfume, I got a small sample of it and loved it!


  3. I really wanna try the lush face masks and i've heard nothing but good things about glossier! Great post!

    1. Lush facemasks are fab and glossier is too- would deffo recommend trying both out.



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