Thursday, 30 August 2018

the makeup that made my summer

As summer draws to a close, I thought I'd share the a few of the makeup bits that saw me through my favourite season. I always give so many parts of myself to the summer that when the sun starts to hide behind clouds more frequently and the evening breeze escalates to a chill, I've lost those parts of me completely and feel lighter and emptier. However, as I said in my last post about turning 18 and how my blog will always serve as a constant for me, a few products that I used religiously during the hot days will also act as that reminder of some of my happiest days. The reminder of the long, sun drenched days where I'd apply highlighter generously and pile on lip plumper like no tomorrow. A reminder of the terracotta terrace and the white and blue buildings. A reminder of the wide windows I would sit in front of every day after a day at the beach with my once salty hair up in a white towel and argan oil slathered on my face to quell the dehydration from the sun and the salt. It seems almost superficial to say that these few makeup products carry so much of these summer memories but they were truly a part of my day to day routine and now that I'm back in grey old London, picking up that liquid liner reminds me of doing the exact same thing a few weeks earlier.

I actually kicked of my summer with Soap and Glory, decorating doughnuts in a store just off Shaftsbury avenue. I received this package filled with makeup whilst I was away in Venice and used it as a way to soften the blow of returning from the beautiful Italian city. Hey, you might be leaving this venetian heaven but at least you'll be greeted with some new makeup. Life is all about bargaining with yourself.

Supercat liner pen*

I love a good liquid liner, more so when it's a felt tip as it makes application so much easier. I routinely lined my eyes into a quaint lil wing every evening. As someone with eyes that more or less disappear when smiling or laughing having a solid flick really helps to open up my eyes a bit more. It also makes me look and feel infinitely more put together. I wish it was more long lasting though, it may've just been the heat but I found that by the end of the day my wing had more or less smudged into nothing.

Archery DIY brow bar*

To be honest I don't do much to my brows other than brush some tinted brow gel through them. I absolutely love the cream highlighter and even use it on my cheekbones instead of my regular highlighter. In terms of the two brow powders and the wax, I have actually started using the darker powder to fill in sparse areas- I seem to have a natural slit in my right brow which is so inconvenient so using some brow powder to fill it in does the job perfectly. The brow wax is also very useful for keeping everything in place. 

Sexy motherpucker lip plumping gloss*

Firstly, let us appreciate the witty name of this product. I managed to convert the majority of my cousins to this whilst I was back in Morocco. Aside from the fact it smells like M&M world, this plumping gloss actually does what it says on it's very shiny packaging. I like wearing it with a brick red lip stick which I lightly dab on to give the whole 'just ate a strawberry ice lolly' effect. It doesn't feel sticky at all and is surprisingly hydrating. I'm actually quite a fan of the tingling sensation too. If I say I like the stinging, they will call me a crackhead. 

Sexy motherpucker 'Super Nude' lipstick* 

I'm not the biggest nude lipstick wearer at all, they don't suit my skin tone and wash me out. I'm much more of a red lipstick wearer whether that be a more muted shade or a full hollywood glam moment. In an attempt to convert myself to the realm of nude lipsticks I tried this with a brown liner but again, I just don't think that nude shades are the most flattering on me. The packaging is beautiful and I've read nothing but songs of praise about this lipstick so it's definitely not you, it's me. 

So those are some of the products that made my summer. There's a lot of others but I wanted to make this post brand focussed as Soap and Glory were kind enough to send me these. I think I'll do a part 2 as I have a few other makeup bits that I used throughout the months and they definitely deserve some airtime on here too. 

What makeup products made your summer?

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

18 | growing up

It's my birthday! 

I'm not going to sit here and spew out an optimistic and overly positive blog post because I just don't think it's realistic. I'm sure everyone has some sour feelings towards their birthday, more so when it's a milestone one. I've always been a crier on my birthday. In fact, I cried for almost 3 hours today as I sat at home alone whilst the majority of my family are still in Morocco and my dad is at work. I've always been a crier. If you look through old photo albums meticulously labelled 'Dalal's 2nd birthday' or 'Dalal's 6th birthday' in my mum's handwriting, you will find at least one photo of me red faced, puffy eyed, mouth open and tears streaming. I don't know what it is but the whole welcoming of a new year and the inevitable shift as you grow older is always lingering, even when I was as young as 2. I don't like change. Not at all. I had my tarot reading done and it solidified that I like to have a constant. Now that I'm turning 18, I want to scrabble and grip onto that last bit of childhood until my knuckles are white and trembling from the sheer force of it all. I want to cling onto security, a life of little to no responsibilities and the infantile nature of it all. It doesn't help that I don't drink so not even getting pissed off my nut is an incentive to welcome this whole adulthood thing. Keeping it real.

But in a time of frantic and desperate attempts to hold onto something that so widely signifies comfort, I realised that I have a lot of other 'constants' in my life. Whilst being a minor has passed me by, my blog serves as a true constant in my life. I started this blog at the tender age of 12, in the awkward pre-teen and very ready to turn into a teenager (pfffft) and lovingly organised my baby lips in accordance to the rainbow before snapping them for my blog with my iPod touch that I'd received in the summer of year 7. Whilst things have, thankfully, changed, I guess what I want to state is that my blog has been with me since the beginning of the years that really counted for me. The years that have shaped me into the newly 18 year old person I am today. I know that no matter how long of a break I take, how good or bad life gets or just how busy I am, my blog will still be there. The blinking cursor waiting for the pads of my fingers to hit the keys. And when letters start to turn into words and then words into sentences and sentences into paragraphs and I finally sign off with a question and my name and hit publish, I will know that this place is mine and I can always come back to it.

I could say the same with family and friends. They too are yet another constant in my life. I will always have my family and I will always have my, albeit small, group of widely spread friends. I don't think I'll talk much about this subject now though.

So whilst this is essentially a post declaring 'WOO I'M A LEGAL ADULT NOW JUST THOUGHT YOU'D LIKE TO KNOW' it's also there to show myself, more than anything, that my life is still going to be the same. I'm the same, growing person with the same family, the same friends and the same fraction of the internet that is legally mine. I'll still do my hair the same and still apply bronzer badly. A change in age will not change any of that. Perhaps enhance it (at least the muddy bronzer...please) but it will never change it for the worse. I just need to remember that.