Wednesday, 11 July 2018

biker jacket for uncool people

This was a rather spur of the moment post. If you saw my instagram story at precisely quarter to 1 in the morning, I randomly messaged a friend who has been one of my most avid blog supporters (you da best) for the past few years and asked if he could shoot some photos for me. And he said yes! So here we are. I thought I'd shoot this outfit that consists of all of my favourite items ever, all smushed into one- each piece has a story behind it!

The whole get up gives me some serious Lucy Williams vibes, I don't know if it's the linen, leather jacket, straight leg denim or tennis shoes but it definitely exudes those cool girl London vibes that after almost 18 years I still have not mastered. I bought this faux leather jacket from Zara in Venice just a few days ago. It has been something that I've been wanting to purchase for literal years. It's the perfect buttery material and the arms are just right in terms of length (I have crazy long arms) I still remember pouring over one in an airport Zara during a stop-over in Barcelona back in 2012. Just 6 years later, and funnily enough in another foreign country, I finally caved. I tried it on and knew it was the one. A modern day love story.

My jeans on the other hand are a less glamorous story- they are indeed the product of a very humbling period disaster. Never will I wear a pair of light green trousers on the tail-end again. I had to rush to the nearest Zara on King's road and picked up the first pair of jeans I saw, and these mid-wash straight leg jeans were those and were hurriedly purchased. I don't think I had ever changed into a pair of jeans so fast. Aside from saving me on that day, these jeans have been a go-to for me, making that disaster a blessing in disguise.

I was sat on a bench waiting for my friend to come so we could shoot, and as I tried to get up I'd realised that I had sat on freshly chewed gum. So for the rest of the day I was painfully self conscious of the white, minty gum that was chilling behind...these jeans and I have never had a smooth path, clearly.

The white billowy linen shirt from Uniqlo was a birthday gift last summer, I love it so much over a navy turtle neck in the colder months, worn with denim shorts in the heat or like this on those days when the weather is up in the air (ha!) I have a whole post on this amazing lil yellow bag coming up soon...yep I managed to write almost 1,000 words on a bag. I bought it at Stansted airport whilst sleep deprived and hungry. It's small and practical and I've been loving yellow so much lately, making it the perfect addition to sling on and go.

And finally my Superga's. I finally upgraded my shoe game from the same old Vans and New Balances and decided to go for something a bit more classic and 'grown up.' I actually bought two pairs, in navy and white, from Amazon as they were so much cheaper and both pairs actually came up to the price of what one pair would've cost me in store. I love my navy pair so much that I even wore them in that brief snow we had. It was a very stupid thing to do in retrospect lol.

That concludes my debut outfit post. I love getting out and looking for cool locations to shoot outfits- there's nothing funner than looking through them and excitedly uploading them, itching to write.

Jacket- Zara
Jeans- Zara
Shirt- Uniqlo (similar) 
Shoes- Superga
Bag- Accessorize 
Mosquito bites- Model's own