Tuesday, 20 March 2018

the end of an era

Photo of Vienna
heroes always get remembered but you know legends never die.

yes, I did just start a post quoting P!ATD. Year 8 Dalal is quaking.

If you haven't noticed, I changed my blog name. And bought my own domain. And I changed my instagram account name as well as went through and archived a few posts (and realised that my fashion peak was definitely in 2016). So, welcome to dalaltahira.com! I created this blog under the name 'Monochrome Daisies' in around 2013. 5 years and a lot more growth later, I figured it was finally the time to part with the safety of the name that I'd harboured for half a decade and slip away from the blogspot.co.uk.

It feels weirdly liberating to actually own this blog now. It is no longer owned by Blogger. It is mine, nestled within a .com with the safety blanket of my name. My blog is something that represents me, it's where I put my favourite things, my emotions, my general happenings in life so being able to formally own this place and have named after me feels somewhat monumental.

I chose to go with my name. As catchy as Monochrome Daisies sounded, I'm pretty sure my name is one that isn't very hard to forget either. This is coming from someone who has a mini panic when sales assistants ask for her name for electronic receipts and then has to spend 5 agonising minutes spelling it out letter by letter. I guess that's the one good thing about having a weird name (or names in my case) it just sticks. It's also something that I won't look back on in a year or even a decade and think "oh god what was I thinking" which admittedly was what I felt about Monochrome Daisies.

The most satisfying thing about this name change and general rebranding is the fact that all my social media accounts match. My twitter was under my name and I couldn't change it to Monochrome Daisies unless I created a new account which was not the most practical. My instagram account had to be @_monochromedaisies because someone had already taken the name without the underscore. And my email address is also my name so it all just seemed really disjointed and very unnerving to have different names across different platforms but this is finally solved.

I think I'll leave this post here before I end up writing a 2,000 word post about the symbolism behind the name change and all the new found, added practicalities (I can have an accurate DA reading now!) Maybe on my blog birthday, which I have completely forgotten so I'll have to estimate, I'll do a whole throwback post with snippets of my first ever blog posts and also some of the photos I took back then.

I love embarrassing myself ;)

Thank you for reading and sticking around regardless of cringy names and questionable blog niches! I hope you feel like you, as a reader, have also evolved and grown with my blog.



  1. Yay for a new era, yay for dalal tahira!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. Oh my god I had a read over my old blogposts the other day and, to be perfectly honest, I was way too hard to still be that embarrassing. Also I cringe at my blog thing all the time (again I changed it when I was way too old, even when I changed it it made me cringe. I wish I never fulfilled my longing for a change aha)- proud of you for changing yours, it looked stressful! Also your name is very recognisable and memorable, so this is a great change :)
    constantlylibby.blogspot.co.uk (gross lol)

    1. I've kept some of mine up and reverted a few others to drafts because it's so fun to read back on them and, like you, cringe at how terrible some of those posts were. Thank youuu

  3. Good post, love this sharing so much, thank you!

  4. Amazing g, real happy for you! Here's to more growth!! X

    1. ayy thank you Zoe, it's so satisfying to have my own place on the internet

  5. what site did you use to create your domain? Was it just an upfront fee or do you have to pay monthly?


    (I really need to change my blog name haha)

    1. Hey. I used GoDaddy to buy my domain and it's a yearly fee! You can email me at tahiradalal@gmail.com and I can give you more information and send you the link to the youtube video I used to set up my domain (much easier than you think)

  6. Wow. This is amazing. Wishing you the very best, dear.

  7. I love your domain name, dear! dalaltahira.com - amazing!


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