Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Andalusia | Granada

Okay so this post was meant to be published 2 years ago.

Also the photo above was from Seville, not Granada (I just really wanted a nice portrait photo)

don't kill me.

I never got around to posting it. I did get 2 posts from Seville and Cordoba up which you can read here and here so I thought I'd finish the Spain travel diary installments because a) they deserve to be completed and b) I'm going to Madrid in June (eek) so I want to get all my previous Spanish city posts up and can add to the collection soon. My dad and I traveled around the major Andalusian cities including Seville, Cordoba, Granada and finally Malaga. in the summer of 2016. I definitely don't have enough photos from Malaga to create a whole blog post out of it, most of the days were just spent lazing on the beach and eating amazing ice-cream. This trip is one that I have the fondest memories of, people are often shocked when I tell them that it was my first time visiting Spain considering how much I love the place, the language and everything about it. Looking back on these photos and reminiscing on the days spent walking through the neighbourhoods in old towns, orange tree lined promenades, falling in love with flowery patios, devouring every bowl of patatas bravas I can find and the general laid-back atmosphere of the country makes me want to live there even more despite the corrupt monarchy and high unemployment. Also the coaches have wifi and the trains are super good. Southeastern could definitely take a leaf out of their book.

Anyway, I digress. Granada!

The home of the Alhambra Palace, a moorish creation that leaves the legacy of the Islamic and Almohad cultural heritage of Spain and the caliphate that spanned the majority of it from 711 AD to 1492 AD (cut short by La Reconquista...who knows what Spain would be like today if the Catholic monarchs, Ferdinand II and Isabella I were not successful in recapturing the Iberian peninsula)

It's name could either come from the Spanish word for pomegranate (a very abundant fruit) or from it's Moorish name 'Gharnatah'

*do you see why I love Spanish history so much??? it's so interesting and there is so much religious overlap which you can still see the impacts of today.*

I would definitely recommend just walking through the city, the hills and small intertwining streets of Albaicin are so nice to walk around and the views from the top are worth it. Of course I would tell you to visit the Alhambra because it's rife with history and is simply just beautiful to walk through and the views again, it looks like a post card! You can definitely see the Islamic influences first-hand with a variety of Mudejar architecture, the arches, Quran verses carved into wood and intricate tiling. I'm pretty sure they filmed some scenes of Game of Thrones there too. If When I go back, I'll definitely go to the Parque Federico Garcia Lorca, a place created in memory of him after he was shot  in the city by Franco's nationalist forces. There is so much to get through! The University is so lovely too and the same style of architecture can be found, it is also said to be one of the best in Spain although I'm not too clued up on their league tables or equivalent.

happy scrolling ;)

view from the hotel room 

I wish I had actually written down what we did each day because I can't remember the specifics at all. I also wish I took some better photos, it's safe to say that my photography two years ago definitely wasn't the most impressive ;) thankfully it's impossible to take a bad photo in such an amazing city.

Andalusia is so overlooked when it comes to Spain (as well as the Basque Country in the North) as people mostly focus on the major cities of Barcelona and Madrid and the coastal cities in the South for the typical brits abroad getaway but I'm urging you to give this crazy historic region a visit- it's cheaper than above said cities and travel between the cities is surprisingly quick and cheap.

Have you ever visited Andalusia (or even Granada)? Does it seem like a place you'd like?


  1. Omg I am so jel of your travelling endeavours!! It looks absolutely amazing. If I wasn't a broke student, it would definitely be on my list for a summer destination - but for now it's going into the far future pile lmao. Also, so down for going to places that are often forgotten by the mass tourist population, not only are they cheaper, but just being somewhere that feels more local and natural is a way more immersive and exciting travelling experience!!

    1. I wish I could travel more, I have a list of places I want to go that is as long as my arm! Tickets to Seville and Granada can be really cheap during off-peak season and the hotels/air bnbs are also really reasonably priced so I'm sure you can justify a short but sweet getaway ;) I love it when I can blend into a city if that makes sense, like actually feel like it's where I'm from etc- it makes it so much more enjoyable


  2. Dalal I'm obsessed with this new design!! Great post as usual, better late than never. I've visited Granada once before briefly, but I was like fourteen so a lot of the history was probably lost on me. I'm hopefully going back to Vejer this September to see family so defo wanna stop off at Seville and maybe Granda to visit some of these places! Hope you're doing well my love! xxx

    1. Thank you, I'm so happy with it! Ah you should definitely visit Seville and Granada, you'll love them. I hope you're doing well and have a good time in Vejer when you go <3


  3. Ah your pictures are stunning!! I really want to see some more of Spain, so far I've only been to Madrid and Barcelona and they're both stunning. You're right the history is so fascinating!
    Loving your blog (you have a new follower for sure!!)

    1. Thank you so much for reading, commenting and following, Louise- it means a lot! I actually haven't visited neither but I am going to Madrid in late June and am in the midst of planning a trip to Barcelona for August. Woo for being lovers of Spanish history together haha.

      Dalal <3

  4. This is such a lovely place. Amazing photos too. Thanks for sharing.


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