Sunday, 23 July 2017

la dolce vita with seventeen

Hello. Sorry for the really close up shots of me staring you down. I promise I'm not mean.
(as someone who hates taking pictures of her face, uploading these is kinda freaking me out but hopefully my face doesn't offend many of you)

I've never really been one to experiment with makeup (here we go again) but seeing as the summer season is usually one of experimentation and recklessness -in a good way- I thought I would be more daring with my face. And whilst a bold red lip and exaggerated beauty spots aren't usually what spring to mind when we think spontaneity and adventure, for someone who can barely be bothered to curl her eyelashes in the morning this is a pretty big deal.

The fab PR people at Seventeen asked me if I was willing to be part of their 'blogging relay' and as a track and field runner, I had bouts of heart palpitations just thinking about the 400m sprints. But you'll be pleased to know that this is more of a share beauty tips throughout the whole beauty blogging community (not super pressurising physical exhaustion) so hopefully by the end of it, we'll be swimming in advice and nifty tricks to make your makeup look 10/10.

Although makeup and beating my face is not my forte, I have a few tips to help you achieve a really natural, summer appropriate look:

If the faux freckles trend looks too artificial for you, or if you're like me, looks like it requires to much effort to a) dot them around and b) make them look as natural as you can then I would definitely recommend accentuating any natural beauty spots you may have. I have a few faint ones around my mouth so I used a brown eyebrow gel to lightly put over them. It may not look very authentic up close but for the most part, I think it adds a really nice sun kissed effect.

bright lip has always been said to be the perfect way to slack on other aspects of your face so this is no exception. Not only is base and eye makeup a drag to put on, during the heat there's always the tendency of it transferring and melting off. Keeping it subtle with a lengthening and separating mascara, light BB cream, highlight and filled in and brushed up brows will allow full attention to your colourful lip of choice. I find that a creamy matte red shade suits my skin tone best but always experiment, I've seen lilac lipsticks which looks amazing.

This one's going to sound really strange but everything on this blog does to be honest. You know when you're back in from a whole day out in the sun and the middle of your cheeks and the bridge of your nose is bronzed and rosy (also known as the sunglasses tan?) We can recreate that, minus the sun damage. Dusting some shimmery bronzer across the tops of your cheeks and the bridge of your nose is more than enough to do the trick.

The last, slightly mainstream, tip is to use your lip colour as a blush. I dotted a bit of my lipstick on my cheeks and blended it with my fingers in an out and upwards motion. It looks really natural, gives a subtle rosiness and brings lots of warmth to the face without having to use yet another product!

I didn't conceal my undereyes or my blemishes just because I didn't feel the need to!

Products used (all by Seventeen)*

-BB cream in medium
-Brow kit
-Bronze and Illuminate palette
-Mega Matte lipstick in 'Roses are Red'
-SkinWow liquid highlight
-Eye Eye crayon in 'Iced' (perfect inner corner highlight)

Well that's it from me! The blogger I'll be "passing the baton" to is Mona from Through Mona's EyesDo hop onto her blog for the next set of (probably much better) beauty tips on the 26th!

What are some of your top beauty tips and hacks for the summer?

Monday, 17 July 2017

hello again...

Friday 16th June (kinda late but when am I ever punctual)

You're probably used to reading posts where the blogger explains the strange, weird, wacky place they're writing that exact post from. Well I'm currently in a manky bathroom somewhere in Peckham, south east london, listening to reggaeton to make myself feel better whilst trying to devise a plan that can allow me to sneak out of the one of the most difficult yoga classes I've ever attended without the instructor catching me with her beady eye and making me wearily attempt "Taraksvasana" once more even though I've emphasised that my legs can't possibly twist and contort so much so they can reach my face (I've read this sentence through so many times and it still makes no sense, just google image the pose) This quick "freshening up" session has been going on for 10 minutes and counting. Who will win? Probably her... she's broken me already. That just got deep. To make everything worse an amalgamation of exams, orange is the new black season 5 and love island have totally made me their bitch and have had me on lock so not only do I have an impossible yoga mish, a hearty dollop of procrastination and guilt of my unproductively have been added on too.

Quick location change. I safely made it home and (shockingly) did not meet my peril at the yoga place. Instead I'm leaning over the river Thames listening to the faint crashes of "waves" and slight whir of boats moving down as the sun is setting over Tower Bridge on my left and as a pink hue continues to descend over the Canary Wharf to my's safe to say that aesthetically-wise, everything is going swimmingly well. A seagull is repeatedly diving down into the water and coming up again, making small ripples in the water. It keeps picking up this pink thing and then dropping it again. For a second I thought it was an actual fish and had a little moment because I had no idea that the (terribly) polluted river Thames would actually have wildlife that isn't seaweed and algae. I think I was right because that same seagull is still at it with the plunging and un-plunging. 
In the brief moment I've looked up from my phone after writing that last sentence, the sky has now transformed into a whole new array of colours, think vivid oranges, pinks and reds- kinda like the ABH Modern Renaissance palette. It's crazy how much a sunset can change in the space of minutes. I think that's an analogy that can be applied to life in general. Sometimes we need to take a break and look up at everything around us. We're so caught up on everything, life passes before we can experience it. That's why I've started getting into yoga (that isn't a threat to my life ahem) and deleted my social media. Ok hang on this seagull is really irritating me. I wonder if it's their instinct to pick up something, drop it, hover above it and then pick it up again. Maybe it's training for real prey. That seems pretty legit. I'll research later. 

This, my friends, is what you call an hyperactive mind. Cool and collected in demeanour, bouncing of the walls on the inside. I think that's a good thing though because it's a surprise.
I just looked up again in the hope of seeing a new collection of colours in the sky. Same old. What a disappointment. 

A lady has just come up behind me and asked if I'm alright and whether a combination of what I've been typing for the last 10 minutes and looking up wistfully has been the makings of a long winded break up text. I assured her it's not. And now I'm terribly conscious at the fact that she's been watching me for all that time. 

But who knows, maybe this will be where I come when everything shit goes terribly wrong. I guess I'll be here almost everyday. Nothing really ever goes to plan. A, what I assume is a party boat has just sped past and given me my daily dose of club music but alas, the Doppler effect has made that a very fleeting experience. Best things come in small packages (or quick speed boats???) right? But by that logic, everyone who's tall, large or both isn't the best. That's not fair.
My phone is now on 1% and I'm more or less just milking how long it'll be until the screen goes black. Oh wait, another party boat. This time they're playing that upbeat typical hip hop music they usually play in those rom-coms when introducing the black "hood" characters. Gotta love those cultural stereotypes being enforced in mainstream media. The boats horn has just tooted. I don't know why that's significant but it was subsequently followed with a roar of cheers so I guess it means something. I'm glad they're enjoying themselves. Meanwhile I'm here. Still stuck to my phone.  Let me see if the seagull is still there. 

It must've flown away whilst I was being questioned about my relationship status/watching two party boats go past/writing this. I'm going to round this mental regurgitation up right by figuratively packing up my stuff and leaving. 

Hope you liked this brief insight of my stream of consciousness.