Currently listening to No me reproches by Cafe Quijano and have 5 british airway tabs open as I write this, further fuelling my burning desire to just travel and chill out in South American countries, soaking up the extensive culture and white sand beaches they're blessed to have. I wish it was as easy as just stepping onto a plane and going but it isn't. Nowadays you always have to factor in cost, time, accommodation and so much more. I sometimes wish I never went to school just for the fact that I'd have more time free to travel, I'm sure it would serve as a much more educational and cultural experience than just being sat in a classroom. But that's life. I wrote a post similar to this last year, almost like a summer bucket fun.

I have five countries on my ultimate travel bucket list, all of which are in South America or in the Caribbean. If you look at my travel board on Pinterest, it's full of 'pueblos viejos' (old towns), brilliantly blue bodies of water and vivid hues. Cuba, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Colombia and Mexico are all places I am dying to visit. I'm going to sound incredibly basic but the culture in each of these countries is so rich and intriguing with complex relations with superpower countries during the Cold War, dictatorships, colonialism, indigenous people and more. I'm so glad that I do get to learn a bit of this through my a-level Spanish lessons but if only I could physically be there and explore myself. The Spanish language is one of my favourites and again, I wish I could go to these countries sometime soon because I'd love to finally be able to speak the language somewhere other than my classrooms and Spain because although they share the same language, the dialects are so much more different. So many people long to visit Greek islands like Mykonos and Santorini and other mediterranean islands but no one really pays attention to some of the places I listed above which is a shame because I'm sure they're equally as beautiful, if not more. Ever since I started writing this post somehow everything around me seems to be talking about's like they're signs. My spotify has been flooded with adverts about visiting Old Havana in Cuba and becoming a Spanish teacher and then my twitter feed has got lots of Mexico travel diary posts. I guess the quote "when you want something all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." is completely true...or maybe I'm just reading into it too much.

Anyway, if any travel companies are reading this then pls contact me. jk. not really.
-Dalal 🌞


  1. I love that you have a list of places you want to go to, I really need to travel more, it's so easy to get stuck with work and life that you forget that there is so much more to the world! X

  2. I really want to go to Mexico and Colombia too! I've been to Dominican Republic and it's so lovely there. I think you're right too, that quite a lot of countries are over-shadowed by places like Santorini.
    -Olivia Xxx

  3. When I studied abroad in the states I really wanted to take a trip to Mexico and I really regret it! Hopefully I'll get there in the future though. You've such interesting places you want to visit. Most of mine are in Europe and Asia atm :)


  4. Cuba and Mexico are countries I would love to visit! Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia too! I should make a list! xx corinne

  5. I've always wanted to go to Mexico and see the culture and the Dominican Republic always looks insane!! Love reading this post!
    Kate Xx

  6. I've been to Mexico and Dominican Republic. They are nice. I'm fond of my own cultures-Portugal/Puerto Rico-but would love to be left in Greece or Italy. :)

    S .x S .x

  7. Some of my friends are planning their gap years to south america and I'm so jealous! I'm in love with the culture. If you're doing Spanish a-level, you basically have to go! x

  8. Seriously obsessed with your blog right now! Love your style!
    - B

  9. Has the incident with United Airlines made you second think flying?


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