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heyyy guys,

I've decided to share an outfit that has been my go-to for whenever I have to dress more smart and formal. It's really easy to dress down as you can easily replace the heeled loafers with a casual pair of trainers like high top converse or vans old skool's. I just love the versatility and effortlessness of this whole outfit, I feel like those LA girl bosses who just stroll around and buy their employees fast-food n shit.

Turtle necks have been a staple for me (I once wore turtle necks for a whole week) and this camel toned one is the perfect neutral. It was my mum's so she handed it down to me and I've been getting so much wear out of it on colder days, besides it's so cool to wear something someone close to you used to love. It is getting so much warmer now so this will probably take a backseat :(

Black slim trousers are an essential for when jeans don't make the cut but a skirt/dress is overdoing it. Mine are from J Brand buuut I got them for 50p at a car boot sale a few summers ago- do not sleep on car boot sales, you can find some reaallyyy good things for such cheap prices and it's a whole lot more sustainable as you don't have to buy new things.

I've got my favourite coat on to elevate and smarten the outfit once more, it's the only structured thing I have in my life ha goals yay :))) The high heeled loafers are back on again because I mean, issa smart outfit and these are the most formal shoes I own. I just wish this coat was a little longer, maybe around knee length, to add to the dramatics of the whole outfit. extraaaa.

I know hair isn't really a main part of an outfit but I think the style it's in can really impact the feel of what you're wearing, so I've swept my hair into a very messy low bun with random curls just sticking out because it makes it much more laid-back and effortless. If I had straight hair, I'm sure a sleek top knot or the slicked back, wet hair look would go really well with this.

Okaaaay so that's that post done. Again, please send me some post ideas because I'm currently on my easter break and want to get as many posts up as possible *what a convenient time to have no idea what to write*

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