Look, issa collab post! Lexie and I gave each other specific eras and set the challenge to styling ourselves in a way that relfects that certain period of time. I was (thankfully) given the 90's which I find is most easiest to dress around as it's been such a prominent influence over today's fashion. I didn't want to go for the typical mom jeans and a crop top look. Instead I opted to channel the grunge scene and heroine chic look that was growing (or dying? idk) during the time.

I'm wearing a rust coloured, pleated midi skirt from Pull and Bear which I managed to get for £3.99 and I'm a huge fan of the airy and light look of it. It's definitely not something I usually go for, especially considering it's a bright colour and is a skirt, but I'm glad that it's forcing me to step out of my comfort zone and explore al the ideas there are to offer. It's a deep, almost brown colour so it's not too bright and vibrant which I think reflects the colour choices of the time really well.

Graphic tees have made a huuuge comeback, mine is one that I bought from Brandy Melville back in summer and it was one of my most worn pieces. I decided to tie it up into a knot to provide a little more shape and structure in the outfit otherwise I'd just look like I'm wearing a sack (oi oi sexaaay)

Admittedly, I don't wear my Doc Marten 1460's as much as I should -and no where near as much as i wear my 1461's- but they're slowly edging their way back into my most worn shoes. They definitely reflect the whole fashion scene back in the 90's and the whole untied and clunky look really helps to loosen and toughen up and otherwise 'meh' outfit.

A black structured coat isn't really the most suiting for the era but you all know how much I like to juxtapose ;)

how would you style a 90s outfit?

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  1. ah so in love with this outfit! Rlly want that top omg. It's different to the typical 90s outfits, works sooo well <3

    1. <333. The top is such an essential, literally goes with everything. Yeaah I really didn't want to do a generic 90s outfit post because there's so many out there- I like a little uniqueness as you can probably tell ha

  2. looks super cool, you always pair pieces together so nicely! x


  3. 90s grudge is my all time fave I love this outfit love the twist:)
    xx Terica

    1. it's an era of fashion I can deffo get behind- thanks for reading T'erica <3

  4. DALAL I love this outfit so much. The boots go so so well - I love when people break up a 'feminine' look with something 'masculine'. V cool c nice

    Edie x

    1. THANKS EDIE, as much as I love the skirt, it's definitely not my usual soo I thought the doc martens would help the outfit look more accustomed to me, and it did- yay for experimentation (!!!)


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