Friday, 31 March 2017

blogging woes

I really feel like I've neglected my blog lately, even though I have been posting regularly it's just not enough. I remember my 'a realisation' post marking a huge pivotal step in my blog and looking back on my most recent posts, it has definitely been put into place yet I still think there is more to be done. Much more. Blogging is a hobby but I want to make it more. That doesn't necessarily mean I intend for my blog to become into a full blown money-laundering business but perhaps just develop into something that will make it a little more worthwhile. Maybe this is just me being impatient but it's like my blog has been stationary right now and I just want it to finally start moving along and developing. I've come a long way but I push for more. Perhaps so I can achieve the generic blogger dream of being whisked away to a Caribbean island for a blog campaign, or more likely just for my own personal sense of self-achievement. I've dedicated myself to my blog since 2015 and I just don't want it to end up being a big waste of time. Admittedly, I hold the majority of control over how my blog flourishes and grows and I definitely was negligent of that fact in the first few years of starting, simply hoping that people would just find and share my blog posts for me and there we go, quick fast-track ticket to blogging success. But alas, that is a deluded view of the world and I should have realised that nothing comes easy and we should not rely on others to achieve what we want for ourselves. I cannot help but just wonder where my blog would be today if I had just paid more attention to it and interacted through it more. To cut myself some slack, I must say that as a naive 13 year old I wasn't that aware of the sheer power of social media and how much of a difference it would make to my blog and it's engagement if I had just shared my posts. Blogging was definitely picking up speed back then but centralised blog promoting through various social media channels was not common. (nope, still feel bad) Regardless of past actions, there is nothing I can do to change them other than try and not make the same mistakes. I started sharing posts frequently but it's still not enough and my laziness just screams 'ho don't do it' but again, nothing comes easy and if I really want to be proud of this platform then I guess I've got to work for it- even though scheduling tweets is the most tedious thing ever. I have to say, posting once/twice is not enough either and I want to post more frequently and actually schedule them before rather than quickly scouring my photo gallery for a universal photo that can fit into any blog post context and then speed-typing something that vaguely resembles a plausible blog post on the day. I'm going to take my blog seriously from now on and not as something I just have to keep up for times sake. Thankfully I have a 3 week break from the hectic sixth form life therefore blog posts can be well planned, scheduled and posted maybe 3 times a week- or more if I'm really on top of my game.
This post is such a weird one, written in a sudden flurry of frustration- nevertheless, I hope you understand and maybe I'm not the only one.


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Tuesday, 28 March 2017


trendz that i'm onto in the name of fashun:

-gingham print (although I can't find anything I like online)

-anything yellow, shock horror indeed

-off the shoulder tops

-big statement earrings

-thin chained gold jewellery

-floaty, bohemian tops

-carefree curls

-using pretty silk scarfs as clothing

-heeled mules

-"granny" heels

-gucci t-shirt, can't afford it though :)

As you can tell, I'm getting increasingly excited about spring/summer dressing. I've completely transitioned from bland neutrals and into prints, patterns and primary colours. Also different silhouettes and necklines too. All about that channeling the laid-back and effortless lazy summer days spent lounging about. I used to think mules were the ugliest shoes to ever exist but boi am I being hypocritical now as I'm so ready to get a pair of simple black ones or basic coloured ones. Cannot wait for the school year to be over!

What trends are you looking forward to venturing into this season? 

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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

landan town

twas one of those Sundays where I just couldn't stand staying indoors any longer. soo, my sister and I took the bus to Shoreditch and walked to Boxpark to look around- but the main objective was ice cream (which I shall talk about later) Whilst we were there I just thought I’d capture what London is really like, the whole free travel for under 18s culture, the shiny multi-storey buildings opposite an exposed brick, run down and graffiti covered wall. The usual. I’m really into debunking the whole romanticisation of London and the typical view of parliament square, the London eye etc. There’s so much more to the city than that and if you tour it in a way where you're forced to take up the diversity and overall individuality of the city, I’m sure you'll enjoy your trip much more. Therefore, I shall be doing a photo series showing the parts of London you don't see (hurray) Oh the council estate kid is really shining through isn't it. 

The majority of the photos above look fairly gloomy, so to brighten this up a bit here's a chocolate 'freakshake' my sister and I shared (from Soft Serve Society in Boxpark) It tasted sooo good like honestly AMAZING: a chocolate milkshake, whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles, a white and dark chocolate chip brownie, a gooey milk chocolate chip cookie, more whipped cream, sweet and salted popcorn, more sprinkles and chocolate sauce. That was a mouthful, literally. It usually comes with a marshmallow but it had pork gelatine so I couldn't get it which was so sad because it was massive. The little shop itself was so cute and made the experience 10x better. Even on a dull and grey day, it was still packed. I would deffo recommend 10/10. GO GET ONE IF YOU'RE IN LONDON!!!!!!
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Friday, 17 March 2017

what i've been... #1

new lifestyle post series coming through, probably going to be posted weekly. enjoyyy

what i've been doing-
honestly, just school. I've been drowning in english coursework preparations (who knew an essay plan had to be so thorough) and spanish speaking sessions but it's all good. I had a school meeting and it definitely provided that ever so needed wakeup call. I'm doing well and I'm somewhat ahead of all my classes but there's more effort to be put in. My form tutor stressed that I need to stop relying on "natural intelligence" and put more work in, in order to really excel. And he had a point. All my essays for english, history and spanish are written the night, if not break/lunch, before they're due in which obviously means that they're rushed and not the best they can be- yet I manage to not do horribly. BUT what if I actually took time to plan all my essays (idealistically a week before) at least two nights before? if I just take time whilst doing these things then maybe the full marks can be on the cards. but who knows. I also really need to get on top of my bio notes.

My attempt at being vegetarian was a feeble one- not because of my lack of self control but because I will simply starve and die if I adopted the diet full-time whilst still living with my parents. Although my mum was fine with my exploration into such a diet, it was really inconvenient for her to get back from work and then cook not only one, but two meals. I could cook for myself but the last time I did that I, quite literally, passed out yaayyy me. I may not be a full on veggie but I'm still making conscious decisions when it comes to my meals and I try to avoid meat as much as I can, besides I never really have the will to eat it anyway.

Contemplating on whether I should start a youtube channel. Not a beauty and fashion one but more of a study/school related one where I make videos tutoring certain GCSE topics, sit down videos on study tips and little check point videos to look back on. who knows.

what i've been reading/watching-
I've been reading the Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo. It's a really light read which is why I've been enjoying just reading it on the bus journey to school and whenever I have free time, it's a refreshing break from Atonement and A Room with a view (the books I'm writing about for my coursework) which I've been having to analyse almost every page of to the point where I feel ready to let death envelope me (right, that was very hyperbolised) On the note of english coursework, the fact that I've started -and finished- watching the first season of Riverdale is slightly alarming considering the fact I still haven't found a single alternate reading for my essay. It's such an addictive show though and although Archie is meant to be the star of the show, I just can't take my eyes off Jughead. I just feel like I can relate to him on a whole new level. how sad does that sound.

what i've been listening to-
every. set. of. earphones. has. broken/disappeared. in. my. household. therefore, the music listening has been little to nothing lately which sucks because there's so much new music being flung around everywhere #GSAP.

what i want-
I really want to buy a disposable camera or perhaps get someone to ship over my dads old canon film camera. regardless of what camera I use, I just want to experiment and actually get photos developed and ultimately have a physical copy of them. I miss that feeling of going to the photo shop and waiting as the photos get developed in the mysterious dark room that's closed off with the outdated, faded 80's "do not walk past this point" plaque. A drawing tablet would also be interesting. Even though I lack artistic ability, I think it would be fun to start doing handwritten posts and annotating photos in my posts too and allow me to be more creative with content. I need a tripod too.

what i've been anticipating-
ahskdajdhf. definitely not my mock exams in mid-June. but definitely my UNIQ summer school at Oxford for a History course that I'm absolutely buzzing to study. and slightly but not really my DofE Gold practice expedition straight after, in which I'll have to eat copious amounts of dried foods whilst trying to avoid lyme disease from ticks. oh and the walking for hours on end only to end up sleeping on the cold, hard ground. fun times. buuut another fun thing is my trip to morocco in late July where I'll be learning how to surf, climbing the Atlas mountains and riding a camel through the sahara desert all whilst (hopefully) getting a tan because I'm honestly so pale right now and it's extremely distressing for a naturally light brown person to be turning a ghastly yellow.

oh, also my whiteboard and the four whiteboard pens that were so smartly shown on the side (damn you strategic marketing)...I've been needing that to arrive for some time now. Amazon, fix up.

I'm going to 'tag' a few bloggers to do this "what i've been..." post as i think it would be interesting to read about what others have been doing (lol i didn't realise how creepy that would sound) but anyway I'll tweet the bloggers so yaaah.


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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

ootd | a mixed era mishmash

Look, issa collab post! Lexie and I gave each other specific eras and set the challenge to styling ourselves in a way that relfects that certain period of time. I was (thankfully) given the 90's which I find is most easiest to dress around as it's been such a prominent influence over today's fashion. I didn't want to go for the typical mom jeans and a crop top look. Instead I opted to channel the grunge scene and heroine chic look that was growing (or dying? idk) during the time.

I'm wearing a rust coloured, pleated midi skirt from Pull and Bear which I managed to get for £3.99 and I'm a huge fan of the airy and light look of it. It's definitely not something I usually go for, especially considering it's a bright colour and is a skirt, but I'm glad that it's forcing me to step out of my comfort zone and explore al the ideas there are to offer. It's a deep, almost brown colour so it's not too bright and vibrant which I think reflects the colour choices of the time really well.

Graphic tees have made a huuuge comeback, mine is one that I bought from Brandy Melville back in summer and it was one of my most worn pieces. I decided to tie it up into a knot to provide a little more shape and structure in the outfit otherwise I'd just look like I'm wearing a sack (oi oi sexaaay)

Admittedly, I don't wear my Doc Marten 1460's as much as I should -and no where near as much as i wear my 1461's- but they're slowly edging their way back into my most worn shoes. They definitely reflect the whole fashion scene back in the 90's and the whole untied and clunky look really helps to loosen and toughen up and otherwise 'meh' outfit.

A black structured coat isn't really the most suiting for the era but you all know how much I like to juxtapose ;)

how would you style a 90s outfit?

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