I'm a firm believer that everyone exists for a reason, they have an aim to achieve and once they have reached that, they have proved themselves worthy of life. If not then you're a lazy prick who's taking up all our jobs, if these bloody immigrants weren't coming into my country I'd be a doctor.

jk. just wanted to mimic some of the stupidly funny comments I hear on the jeremy kyle show...not that I watch it or anything.

I feel like my purpose is blurred. I don't think there is one. I mean all I do is use short sentences, too many rhetorical questions and am easily distracted- SQUIRREL. exhibit a. Apart from academia, do I really have anything to fulfil? Is my life solely based on getting pristine grades, attending a highly esteemed university, graduating with a firsts in some kinda Law, Social Anthropology, History, Political Sciences degree? Because if so then 'nah.' I want to see things and do things not just briefly mingle with them.

The meaning of life is different to different people, some believe that being amicable is one whilst others believe that love is the true meaning of life. From all I know, love makes you dizzy and short-breathed. Oh wait...that's asthma- my bad. No but in all seriousness, people think uniquely and those unique thoughts correlate to unique beliefs and that's what makes the world so fascinating. 7 billion people all with different thoughts on why they're doing what they're doing right there and then. A multitude of thoughts leads to a multitude of ideas which could potentially change the world. We need to encourage people to use what they're thinking and fabricate it into something plausible enough to change something in their community. No two minds are alike so we have a lot of potential that is yet to be unlocked and further explored.

Do you feel like there's something that assigns us tasks to fulfil or do you think that you set your own goal? Perhaps a divine power or maybe just magic- I love magic: the way a magician can miraculously pull a rabbit out of a hat, the way google finishes your sentences for you...I guess it's different according to your religious beliefs.

It's an age old question that even the most highly-esteemed philosophers can't answer (so I don't know what made me think I could) but it's one that is worth a try. Always think about what you want to get out of what you're doing, perhaps not in the extreme long term but maybe just in the short term. Whilst you're at in your early teens, what do you wish to achieve? Small thoughts = big discoveries, it all starts with a simple self questioning with a dash of self doubt of course.

I want to know what you think your purpose is and how you managed to come to that decision (I want real spiritual answers that makes you thiiink) 

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  1. I always think about stuff like this - I get my mind into knots from thinking too much. I think my purpose and my mission in this life is to spread love and positivity, and the message of harming Mother Earth and all living things as little as possible. I came to that decision after spending years hating myself and everything around me - all I need in life is love and nature. If I have those then I will always be joyful and content, and from there I can try to make others feel the same.

    Edie x

  2. Hey, this was really good.. You are very talented and your style of writing is really enticing. Don’t give up!! Maybe you could head over to my blog and see what you think?

  3. This was such a cool post, loved it! Life definitely does mean different things to different people, and to be honest I have no idea what life means to me yet. Suppose thats all part of the fun!

    Lucy | Forever September

  4. I don't really know what my purpose is, and frankly, that scares me. Although I also know that I'm not meant to necessarily know by aged 14, accepting the fact that I seemingly don't have a purpose would sort of seem like quitting to me. I also think I'm too conscious and sentient as a general organism to NOT have a purpose. Regrettably, I doubt my purpose is actually to watch as many Louis Theroux documentaries as I can, as much as I persuade myself it is. Maybe they can count as learning or enrichment of some sort? ;) For now, I think I'll focus my efforts on producing as much "content" (omg I hate that word) as I can, to the highest standard I can; whether that is a zine, a photo set, a blog post (and I promise to do some of those soon lol) or just a scrapbook page. Hopefully I'll figure it out a little more in depth as I go through life, picking up experience and finding out what I like and don't even more. I've missed commenting Dalal! xxx



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