I'm not really one for really polished fashion photos, even when in Paris (supposedly the most fashionable city in the world) I still wanted my outfit shots to look undone and casual, just as I like :) Ngl half of this outfit is borrowed, the sweatshirt is my dads and the jacket is my sisters...I hardly wear my own clothes anymore. It was a pretty cold day, we went to Sacre Coure/Montmartre, the Notre Dame cathedral then to the Jardin du Luxembourg and later just walked around the whole area (and got lost so we ended up taking a cab) The only pair of shoes I took to France with me were my vans old skool's as they're my most versatile shoe and they went well with the whole outfit I guess. My trousers are from the kids section at zara, they were £20 and I wear them so often. They're very warm and I just like the looser fit of them, they're a refreshing change from the basic skinny jeans I usually wear. Hoop earrings have become a regular accessory, I was also wearing my silver septum ring but my mum forced me to take it out for the photos because the light reflected off them badly and made it look like I had something up my nose lol thanks mum. This outfit is definitely going to be repeated in the future!

sweatshirt- polo ralph lauren (my dad has had it longer than I've been around!)
trousers- zara
jacket- north face
shoes- vans old skool
What are your thoughts on this outfit?

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  1. I wear casual clothes all the time! Comfort is top priority haha.
    Your outfit looks so nice!


    1. yess, comfort over everything! thank you for commenting :)

  2. ahhh god Paris.... and your outfit. All my goals xx

  3. Lovely outfit! I especially love your Vans, I'm thinking of getting some like that! I'd love to visit Paris too x

    Erin // Everything Erin

    1. Thanks! 10/10 would recommend getting a pair of vans, the versatility is great- they go with everything.

  4. beautiful and cool photos! and I love your trousers! x



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