The cold makes me want to cry and now that it's been hitting the minuses on some days, a good pamper evening is needed. In my opinion there's no better way to treat yo' self than lie in pretty coloured bath water and slather yourself in nice smelling creams. I've been having way too many pamper evenings to the point where I've actually established a routine, this is perfect for those rough days weeks where all you want to do is just exile yourself somewhere...yeaaaa.

I start with running a bath, although I usually hate taking baths because it's just so long, when it's cold and dark outside it's just so much nicer. My lush stock is running low *hint hint* so I now have to start rationing bubble bars (I prefer bubbles to extravagant bath bombs, how boring) I'm currently using the rose jam bubbleroon and it's such a calming scent, not much is needed to create lots of bubbles either. As cocoa and shea butter are it's main components, this leaves my skin feeling so soft which is great as my skin tends to get extra dry in the winter :( Did I mention this smells amazing?

As my bath is usually quite warm I like the use a face mask especially as the steam has opened all the pores on my face. I've been using the lush mask of magnaminty for the last 2 years and it's one of my favourite masks from them ever but if you do have any face masks you love then do recommend them! I also use hair masks because curly hair = dryness throughout the year, recently I've been really into just putting a lot of coconut oil throughout my hair, it's 100% natural and very effective too.

As I mentioned, my skin gets drier as the colder months progress so I like to use 'ro's argan' body conditioner. It's a really rich and heavy moisturiser so it's perfect for my skin type, it suggests you rinse this off but it was £16 so none of that is going down the drain boiii. I continue my "skincare routine" but I won't go into much detail because I have a post on it coming soon as part of blogmas ;)

After I just get into my PJs. I've really been into pretty pyjamas lately (I usually just wear sweatpants and old, oversized t-shirts) the bottoms I have in the picture are from primark and they're pretty good quality and I love the print!

If I'm bothered/in the mood to I'll go ahead and paint my nails but this legit never happens because I hate painting my nails #funfact Once everything is done I either start planning posts for blogmas because this is all very stressful and requires a lot of organisation which is basically everything I lack...FUN! Nine times out of ten I just go on my laptop and watch Narcos or the new episodes of Jane the Virgin, which I am not liking right now it's such a disappointment but that's life

Welp that's my pamper routine + day 5 of blogmas done and dusted, look out for a fashion post tomorrow :D

ps- I'm very sorry for the bad photo, blog photography in the dark aka what it's like when I get home from school, is very difficult.

Do you have a pamper routine? What is it? I'm curious


  1. I love warm baths at this time of year!

  2. This post slays me - btw try the Cupcake face mask, it's so soothing and smells amazing <3

    Edie x

    1. I felt like such a typical blogger writing this post...
      I'll give it a go next time I'm in store :)

  3. I finished my mask of magma minty, I really like and it used to actually help my spots but I fink my skin got used to it??


    1. So did I but Iman got me a new pot ;) yeah I use it and alternate with other masks so it can stay as effective


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