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main focus of this post: who are we as people and what makes us individual? 

From a biologists point of view I could answer this question by going on about codons and anticodons, transcription, translation, semi-conservative DNA replication and more. But I won't because a) I don't want to bore you and b) I've pretty much forgotten everything about nucleotides in bio so. I thought I'd start this of with a bit of research I found to give a small introduction of what this post is: 25% of the world's population are sociopathic, 87% of our DNA is chimpanzee. We are a relatively young species with delusions of humanity. We kill because it's in our nature. We hide behind frail social constructs and law to provide order but the savagery inside is undeniable. You're probably wondering what compelled me to research this, one word procrastination...because who needs to do their history essay on time. 

Individuality is born with you, no one is a carbon copy of each other. While individuality is respected, it is not always accepted and there are obstructions that will try and and warp you ever so slightly to help you 'improve' and ultimately completely change you. People work hard to suppress their thoughts and desires in order to fit in and they eventually simply forget these thoughts and desires because they have literally been pushing them out of themselves for however long they have been. Unconsciously second-guessing things will be the death of you and will completely kill of whatever you have in you. It sounds scary that this "thing" will theoretically rip you out of yourself and put you in a mould of an ideal. Perhaps it will sound a little less scary if this thing I mentioned is possibly everyone around you or to define it, society. I hate the word society because I believe it's used a scapegoat by many, a lot of us blame society without knowing that society is an aggregate of people living together...so society is you. Saying society is what forces us to change isn't a right enough argument when you yourself are a part of this society you're slating off. 

I was reading this article about woolly mammoths and how they like to bask in social norms. They basically act primitive which eventually forces you to do the things you do so that you don't experience backlash and have to use defense mechanisms to keep yourself sane. But at the same time these don't allow you to express yourself and make you a follower so you have to break from what is socially considered the norm and do what you like and act differently. We are just like these wooly mammoths, we act in a certain way to avoid criticism.

Our society is built upon blame, we blame each other for everything. If we look back into history we can see that this is most definitely true. A reason as to why WW2 broke out was because Germany was sick of having to take the blame for causing WW1- and we continue to blame others and we continue to go around in this extremely malicious cycle. We never learn from history despite the fact the quote "History repeats itself" suggests we should act otherwise. I don't understand why we can't just simply listen and keep our prejudices to ourselves, I understand that prejudice is built into us* yes but voicing out prejudices is not. Everything comes down to us, the reason why people continuously morph themselves into people they aren't is because of others around them who drill what is seen as acceptable and normal into their minds. When they realise that they don't fit into this normal cut, that's when they begin to question themselves and that's when they begin to blame themselves and eventually blame others for this. I don't know what I'm saying anymore and I've definitely gone off on a tangent but voicing opinions and thoughts is key.

Who knows what will happen to us in the future, will we finally recognise this social haze of oppression and conformity that is literally intoxicating us all or continue to let it be. Who knows.

* I mentioned earlier that we're derived from chimpanzees which live in the wild, they must be able to look at something and use their instincts to help them get to a decision whether what they see is dangerous or harmful. We're just like them, we have these instincts too (perhaps not to run away from predators) but to make these quick first judgements and determine whether whatever you have seen can cause harm to you. A chimpanzee in the jungle will not see something they do not like/find dangerous and comment on it, they will simply just run in the other direction and try to get away from it- so why can't we just do the same? If we see something we do not like then why can't we just leave or just walk past them and not comment on whatever we don't like about them, why must some of us point out our dislikes. It just doesn't make sense. Also don't quote me on the evolutionary analysis I just gave, I have no idea if it's accurate or not. 

What are your thoughts on individuality? let me know.


  1. My loooorrrrrd Dalal this is amazing. I loved reading Lord of the Flies, and I think it's the perfect demonstration of what you were talking about at the beginning. Such an interesting post!

    Edie x


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