I suck at taking beauty photos sooooo I apologise for the photos above, just bear with me. Highlighting and strobing have been key features in the beauty world lately, contouring has taken a back seat and soft, glowy skin has been brought back in (finally!) Although the dewy skin look is seen as a more summer suited approach to makeup, me being the rule breaker I am *wink wink* still wears it now even as we're nearing mid-December.

For me subtle highlight is the way to go which is why I love the seventeen liquid highlight so much, it's really pigmented and easy to blend so it gives the nicest little 'sheen' to your cheekbones. This has to be one of my favourite makeup products I own, the only problem I have with this is that the pump gives out a bit too much product. Other than that I highly recommend you try this + it's really affordable too!

If you're into a more dramatic and prominent highlight then the mary lou-manizer is the one for you, it's a cult favourite and I'm sure you've already heard a lot about this. I wrote a post all about this highlight (HERE) when I first got it back in feb. As I mentioned, it's much more 'out there' however if used with a really light hand then it can be quite natural looking. A little goes a loooong way with this highlight so you can pack it or dust it on according to your preference ;)

What's your favourite highlight product?


  1. I prefer cream highlighters than liquid! I feel like the seventeen liquid highlighter doesn't really blend, because when I tried it, it was a streak?!?? Idk


    1. liquid is the way to go for me, hmm I do find that I have to work really quickly with it otherwise (as you mentioned) it is a little too pigmented ha

  2. I love Mary-Lou so much but I find it to be quite a natural highlight on me- more shimmer than glitter for sure! I've bought many since but it's still my favourite!


  3. Still debating getting Mary Lou i'm worried it won't suite me. My favourite highlight at the minute is The Makeup Obsession highlighter in Moon, it's incredibly pigmented for only being £3
    Katie xx

    1. I'm sure it will, it's quite a universal highlight which is why everyone seems to love it so much. £3 is an amazing price for a highlight, sounds fab!


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