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Believe it or not, I've never done this post before...ever! I hardly ever see 'what's in my bag' blog posts, they're usually just videos so I shall change that by showing you the contents of my bag todaayyy. I'm usually a 'I'll just put it in my pocket' type of person because it's just so much more practical but my mum basically forces me to start using bags grrr. My backpack is from Primark (£9!!!) and it's one of my favourite things at the moment, I have a slightly bigger one in black in the same style from Zara which I use for school but this is a more compact and more suited for going out type rather than the lugging around 4 different folders and half a tree worth of sheets.

Phone: Basically always with me: need to check bus times, listen to music, take stupid snapchats and to update my meme page (jk I don't have one...)

Oyster card: Don't be fooled, the pretty Cath Kidston holder is just a deception. Everything inside of it is actual mess, my oyster card and proof of age card photos are tragic and my debit card shows that I only have £8.47 update: £5.45 to my name right now. Fun!

Keys: Pretty self explanatory.

Hair brush: I wouldn't normally have this because you can't exactly brush curly hair when it's dry BUT as my hair is straightened I always feel compelled to brush out the 'knots'.

Hand cream + antibacterial gel: I use the hand cream as an all purpose moisturiser because I cba to carry three different moisturisers. The hand gel smells sooo good and it was only 65p from Superdrug but ngl I only use it when I remember to.

Deodorant: You sweat when you're stressed and considering I'm at school 5/7 days a week, I need dis.

Perfume: My uncle sent this to me from Morocco (big up) and it smells reaallyyy nice, 10x better than I expected it to. I wear this everyday and like to top up throughout so I can be equally as overpowering at the end of the day :)))

Sixth form lanyard: I need this to get student discounts and it also has my USB attached if I ever need it.

Loose change: Again, self explanatory. I usually spend this on pot noodles or salted caramel chocolate. There's also that one coin that deceives me, I think it's a pound coin when it's actually 50 cents or 2 dirhams and then my life comes crashing down because suddenly, I can't afford the food I want :) terrific!

Just realised I didn't add my lip balm of choice into this photo, it would usually be a tub of carmex or something because we all know my lips are always dry and that I'm obsessed with it.

What do you keep in your bag? 


  1. That bag is cute af, also literally deodorant all day every day. I go through so much hand gel its weird

    Edie x

    1. I was so shocked to it was £9 like damn. I swear deodorant is a necessity for me + hand gel is just gr8

  2. lOVE ThE bag, I was scanning the photo for the carmex boiii

    1. same g, mate I was ready to upload dis and I was like oh shit where my carmex @ my anxiety going up thru the roof

  3. The bag is so cuttteee I wish we had Primark here. I also keep deodorant and hand sanitizer in my bag as well cause the subways here.... gross



    1. It would go down so well in the states! Ahh I always hear people complaining about how dirty the NY "subways" are...I used to see rats on the tube tracks

  4. I looove the bag, good old Primark - I love the oyster card holder as well!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Thanks + Me tooooo, who would've know it's from Primark ;)


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