I was part of the Seventeen Blogger Network until they shut it down :( They are such a good brand with some of the nicest people behind it, the PR team is sooo lovely ahh. I got sent a few products the other day so I tried them out and thought I might as well review them- they didn't ask for a review or anything, I genuinely want to do one. The three products I got sent are beloowww along with the very small "reviews".

'Define and conquer' contour kit-
First of all, I love the pun. I've never ever contoured my face because I don't really see the hype in an overly sculpted face, I prefer a light highlight with natural cheekbones. Nevertheless I am quite curious as to what my face would look like when contoured so when this product came through I was super hyped to try it out. A slight problem is that it's not my exact shade, it's a tad too light but I can just about make it work. As it's a lighter powder I tried it out on my friend (ambra) who is of a much more paler complexion than myself, it actually turned out pretty good! The contour shade was really soft and easy to blend to the point where you can barely see it however the lighter shade was slightly disappointing. It's supposed to be a highlighting powder but it barely had any 'illuminating' features, it was more of a plain matte powder. On the bright side, we used it as a setting powder and it does a really good job at that ;) The packaging itself is really sturdy and super sleek which is great for such a cheap product, it slightly reminds me of the Nars packaging. There's also a mirror inside which is very practical.

'Cheek stamp' blush-
The concept of this product is so unique, it's a cream blush with a sponge applicator that you push into the product and then 'stamp' onto your cheeks. It also comes with a mirror on the lid which again is super handy. At first they do seem a bit gimmicky but the actual product quality is there, the product stays on for the whole day and the shade itself is a really sweet baby pink. It's much more pigmented than I thought it would be which is always a pleasant surprise but once you do stamp it onto your cheeks you need to blend it really well, unless you like having two pink circles on your face. It can be really difficult to blend out, especially if you stamp the sponge into the product more than once.

'Skin wow' concealer- 
I actually already have this concealer, I got it as a freebie when I went to the blogger network event but I never use it because it's the wrong shade. Unfortunately, I got sent the same shade but I just powered through and tried it out as more of a highlighting product and it somewhat works. My first impressions was that it looks just like the YSL touche éclat so it definitely looks really luxe and much more expensive than it is. I'm a big fan of the natural and dewy look, Seventeen even introduced 'non-touring' back in summer, to follow this trend I dot the concealer under my eyes, down my nose, brow bone and cheekbones. It's quite high coverage so not only does it highlight, it also covers up my dark circles! To go for the full glowy look make sure to use a highlighter over wherever you applied the concealer and that's it...much simpler than contouring and looks better in my opinion.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your favourite Seventeen products?


  1. I think I have used seventeen products twice, the contour kit being the 2nd time. It really wasn’t bad and didn’t look muddy at all! Which ngl I was expecting


    1. yeah they were pretty good, much better quality than you think- thanks for being my test person g

  2. I've never tried any products from Seventeen before! I've had my eye on the contour kit for ages now and I love the concealer packaging. It's sooo pretty x

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.blogspot.co.uk


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