Welcome the newest addition to my every-growing shoe collection, let's hope I actually wear them and not just keep them for decoration as I always do :)))

I'm aware that these look really long but there's nothing you can do when you have size 7 feet...the fact that these have a pointed toe just adds to the long-ness of them much to my despair. But they're incredibly aesthetically pleasing and are definitely high quality so I shall force myself to deal with the fact that my foot looks long in them.

These are your classic, black leather flat that are versatile enough to, obviously, be worn with more formal clothing but also just with regular ripped jeans and an oversized coat...they're going to be an absolute b*tch to break in (just by trying them on they seem really stiff :/) but once they are I can only imagine how soft and nice the leather will beeeeee *got a bit carried away there dalal*

I really don't know what more to say about a pair of shoes but I'll just be typical and say that I love this pair a lot <3

Have you bought any shoes from Steve Madden? Do you have a pair of classic black flats?


  1. Steve Madden is a bit out of my price range, but I don't wear flats at all! All I wear is trainers


    1. The shoes are so expensive I cri every time, yeaaaa I've had these for so long yet I'm still only wearing my trainers agh

  2. How is your blog photography always so flawless?! <3

  3. These are so lovely.. better do an outfit post heh

    Edie x

  4. These shoes looks so cute and comfty! Loved the post

    Soph | www.planetwhispers.blogspot.co.uk

    1. They definitely are, we'll have to see about the comfy bit though ha- thanks :)


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