I never really do beauty hauls because I hardly ever buy anything to be honest BUT the other day my mum forced to me to go into Superdrug to pick up her order and I couldn't help but just look around. I'm usually pretty good at just looking at things and then justifying why I shouldn't buy them (which has prevented me from hoarding so many things and when I look back I actually applaud myself) but I obviously broke that habit the other day...oh well, it's not like all my money can be going towards clothes and trainers.

The only actual 'makeup' bit is the makeup revolution highlight in 'ever glow', I've seen this around every where- it seems to be a favourite of many bloggers and it was only £3! The main reason I bought this was a part of a secret santa gift but just before paying for this I had to go and get myself one too. I've worn it a few times and it's so so pigmented, at first I was a bit sceptical about the shade as it does seem to be suited to more paler complexions (@ambra) but it works out fine and looks like a subtle pearlescent glow.

You can barely see it because of the light but I also bought a new face mask. If you know me I loooove face masks, especially the ones that get deep into your pores because nothing's better than having a prooooper cleaned face. The Neutrogena one was on offer so I picked it up, it's both a cleanser and a face mask so it's really convenient to use. It does leave my skin feeling a little tight because it's so purifying and cleansing but it's nothing a little bit of coconut oil can't fix ;)

The next two products may be a shock as I'm not the biggest fan of zoella...at all :))))) Buuuut, the 'bake my day' perfume and ginger cream were in a set for £10 and seeing as my sister is basically in love with her I thought I'd be nice and get her it -wow such sister goals- These smell sooooooo good, just like vanilla and gingerbread- I'm actually shook. I would definitely recommend you buy yourself either of these products because THEY SMELL AMAZING and the quality is *surprisingly* good too!

Have you bought anything new recently? Or has it all been christmas presents haha


  1. )I had that face mask and it was really good (or the clay one, I’m not sure?) I can’t believe you now have a Zoella product, you’ve broken my trust

    1. It's so cheap but so effective, I'm shocked. It's malaks not mine g

  2. I WANT THE ZOELLA STUFF SO BAD omg my Year 7 self is screaming.

    Edie x

  3. I applaud your restraint! I always seem to purchase something when I go into the drugstore - that highlighter looks absolutely stunning. I love the emboss.
    The new Zoella fragrances sound lovely as well. Thanks so much for sharing, hun!

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

    1. Thanks haha. The highlighter is sooo good and so cheap too, the quality of it is amazing. I love the zoella fragrance!

  4. the highlighter looks so pretty!



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