very quick and short post, it's my music favourites- my music varies a lot, I have grime, rap and alternative indie... 

robbery- abracadabra *pretty good*
funny- chase & status *classic grime*
fake love- drake *typical rap*
black beatles- are sremmurd *you've probs heard this*
marvins room- drake *old drake, emotional af*
bad and boujee- migos *my no1 fave* 
cry baby- the nbhd *very chilled*
no role modelz- j cole *classic rap god*
swang- travis scott remix *this will hype you*

if you're trying to become more "cultured" I recommend listening to the grime tracks the most, especially with the coming urbanisation of the music industry- it's lit. don't be too intimidated ;)

also, always listen to these types of songs with the bass boosted it will change your life.




  1. wow this layout looks, uh, familiar...

    i'm kidding, but my best friend is OBSESSED with travis scott, it's kinda weird after a while

    1. I've done music fave posts in this format before ;)
      travis scott = my love


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