I look rank in the photos above but that's nothing new. In fact my eyes are super puffy because I had just watched two episodes of The Crown and, as a result, was crying (a lot) over the death of King George...yeaaaah. mess. Don't ask me why I didn't smile in any of these either, I don't know the answer.

I've never really thought to wear a headwrap before but I had a mock UN general assembly the other day and was representing Kenya so I was told to wear a 'kanga' as a form of turban so that's what I did and I actually like it! It's very very very low maintenance, just put your hair up in a bun at the top of your head, put the scarf over, twist the remaining length and then wrap it around your actual bun and tuck it in. The front part of your hair may show so just make sure your edges and baby hairs aren't looking rough, a bit of edge control won't hurt. It's very simple, keeps your hair out of your face and sets a statement.

As the scarf is really bright and colourful I just go on and wear my usual colour scheme, and that tones it down a little and allows full attention to the head wrap. I can imagine this look pairing really well with a pair of chunky gold hooped earrings but I have my suspicions on overly sized hoops...I don't want it to drag my ear down if you get what I mean. I'm wearing these solid gold 'X' style earrings which are from Morocco and my really small and dainty silver septum piercing...but it's so small and thin you probably can't even see it.

What do you think of the head wrap? Yay or nay?

songs: afraid- the nbhd, sweater weather- the nbhd, faded- zhu


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