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My style has changed dramatically over the past few months and I can't quite put my finger as to why.  Maybe it's that I've gotten older or maybe it's because of the people around me. Since starting sixth form I've been surrounded by new people and as a result, a whole array of different styles. Most people around me are dressed incredibly different to what I'm used to, going from a predominantly black school to an almost all white sixth form is definitely foreign. A lot of the girls around me are kitted out in Brandy Melville, Topshop or vintage and I feel like in order to just "fit in" I've adjusted the way I dress.

Now I've definitely not started buying the same/similar items but I feel like I've adapted what I wear to school now, in a beneficial way. I'm more 'free' with my outfits and I can wear what I want without the fear of getting strange looks compared to if I was still back in my part of London. As I said, I now have more fluidity and 'fun' with what I wear and I don't refrain from wearing certain things anymore and I'm enjoying it so much more. Picking outfits isn't a burden but more of a way for me to actually tap into my creative side (the cringe)

I should probably explain my style so you can get the gist of what I'm saying. I have your typical 'tomboy' style but I wouldn't entirely call it that, I like a lot of black/grey and loose, oversized clothing. Hoodies, large t-shirts, big wooly fleeces, oversized jackets and Vans old skool trainers or my new balances are what I usually wear. As well as dressing for 'style' I always make sure there is comfort, as long as I'm comfy then I'm good. I've also been wearing my mum and dads clothing ever since September, my mum gave me a few of her old turtle neck sweaters and I basically just wear all of my dads stuff like his t-shirts, fleeces and jackets because I can't get enough of oversized things (HA)

With this new shift in style, I've been spending most of my time looking through shops both in store and online. It's only smart to share a few of the shops I like and all. I'm trying to find new basics for sixth form (as usual) and I've found some of the nicest graphic tees and trousers on places like Esprit which is so different but I feel as if they're crazy underrated. I love the style and quality of the things from there, I kinda have my eyes on some of their pieces like this roll neck jumper and this a m a z i n g coat that fits my style perfectly. I've always loved Brandy melville for their soft clothing items too, I need to stock up on their t-shirts some time soon, currently lusting over this sweater tho. I'm going to stop talking about all the clothes I want otherwise I'm going to do some serious damage haha.

I don't know where I plan to take this post in the next few sentences. What I wear is a reflection of who I am, I don't mean to get all deep but I'm sure the way you dress is somewhat an indicator of what you're like as a person. It's probably not the case all the time but it's quite true for me at least, I don't really make an effort and by that I mean I'm not the type to wear skirts and dresses just to 'look cute'. I'm a very laid back and easy going person, I wouldn't quite say I'm carefree but I'm just very "chill" and I think that's shown through the way I dress myself. Of course there are days when I actually do try and look more put together and it's always normal to have variation in style, I mean if you look at my really old OOTD's (viewer discretion advised...they are terrible) then you can obviously tell how much my style has developed. Again, this may be due to me growing up and perhaps finally finding my personal style or maybe because of the way people around me, both in sixth form and in general are...we shall never know. I'm going to end this post because I'm rambling #englishlitstudentha

I hope you managed to understand what I'm trying to get across because I can't quite get it onto paper

ps- this is a collab with Jade, I'll link her post when she uploads it!

Do you think that the environment you're in/people around you influence your style? OR is your style solely a reflection of you and only you? 


  1. I mean I dressing up for me is a burden (sips tea) I just wanna wear what I wear to school :) but hey you get the gist ;)


    1. I do too, and now I can actually wear what I really want to wear too
      yeah I get the "gist"

  2. DALAL this post is written so well I didn't want it to end. My style has definitely changed in the 6 months or so - it's like 14 years worth of everything glittery, bright and crazy has burst out of me and I'm just wearing it all at once! For me, I don't feel like the people around me or my environment influence my style. I think it's how I'm feeling, on that day or with myself in general. I go through so many phases and that's why I blog, mostly, kind of aesthetically cataloguing!

    Edie x

    1. thank youuuuuu :) Your style is very quirky and out there but it suits your personality, it's cute. Interesting though!

    2. Loved this post! I love esprit too. I'm glad you are comfortable in the things you are wearing that is the main goal ❤️

    3. Thank you! I agree, comfort in what you wear is the most important thing :)

  3. Loved this post! You should always feel comfortable in what you wear so I'm glad you do!x


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