I've come to the realisation that I never do monthly favourite posts because I usually forget to do them and I never really have favourite products buuuut, this month I've been reusing and buying new things (oh no) so it only makes sense to do a current favourites post yh boiiiii.

lush R&B hair moisturiser:
I've written about this product so much, I've got a review of this coming up soon. In a nutshell, this leave in is one of the best I've ever tried and although it's pricey, it's one of the best investments you will make in terms of hair care. It's very moisturising, prolongs your curls and can be used to refresh a few of the frizzy ones too. If you use this and then follow it up with a bit of coconut oil to seal it, not only will your hair smell amazing it will also be super soft and most importantly not dry!!!

makeup revolution highlight 'ever glow':
A recent purchase. This is a new addition to my (very small) family of highlight: thebalm mary lou-manizer and the seventeen skin wow. It was really cheap and for the price, the quality has more or less swept me off my feet. Just a tiny bit of this on a fan brush goes a loooong way but even if you do get a little excited and dump a whole brushes worth of this on your cheekbones, it still looks natural. Unlike other highlights, this gives you more of a sheen than and actual glittery and sparkly look (which can often look fake) so this is really good at making it seem as if you're glowing from within when you're actually slowly dying on the inside.

neutrogena 2-in-1:
Usually, 2 in 1 products are the devil for me because they never actually work properly or do one of the things more than the other. This face wash/mask is actually one of the products that does work. I use it daily as a face wash and it's quite good at balancing your skin and also drying out any spots. I love it as a face mask as it really does pull out impurities and excess oils.

zoella 'bake my day' body mist:
Not the biggest fan of Zoe's youtube videos etc but this body spray smells a m a z i n g, just like gingerbread cookies and warm vanilla sugar I am being 100% serious...go smell it!!!

small hoop earrings:
I bought these in a pack of 5 for a pound in primark nearly 4 years ago but I never wore them because of how massive some of them were and you know, the bigger the hoop the bigger the...lol nah jk. Now the whole hoop earring trend has returned, I've been wearing these ones (the smallest diameter in the pack lool) much more often. They're a really nice change from the very boring and typical studs and seeing as I'm at sixth form, I have much more freedom when it comes to earrings and piercing. These are so simple and easy to wear but they just make you look so much more put together.

The Crown:
I only just started watching it but I'm a quarter of the way through season 1, although people may think of it as being based about something as boring as the early reign of Elizabeth II it's incredibly interesting.

What have been your current favourites?


  1. I just discovered your blog, Dalal, and I love it! My current favorites include skincare products from Tarte's Rainforest of The Sea line. Alse, Trivia Crack has made it's way back around. x


    1. Thanks! We don't have Tarte that readily available in the UK right now which is so sad because their products look amazing.

  2. great post!


  3. Love reading through peoples favourites - must pick up the revolution strobe highlighter!

    Lucy | Forever September


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