I've lived in London for all my life and I've basically been around for the past 16 Christmas's soo I've put together a list of places that you should definitely visit if you're into pretty lights and massive christmas trees. You're welcome.

Winter Wonderland is definitely on this list as it's probably the most mainstream and known place for this time of year. Personally, I'm not a huge fan because it's always packed and is really overpriced. Buuttt if you want to soak in the whole christmas mood first hand then this is the place to go, it's jam packed with themed rides, little market stalls and ngl it smells amazing. If you do go then make sure you wear as many layers as you can because Hyde Park at night, in December is not fun. Your feet will freeze.

Southbank, just a 10 minute walk away from my house so it's crazy local. Firstly, there's a Nandos and Wagamamas so #winning and there's also lots of small market stalls that sell basically everything festive and there's lots of lights too. It's all v cute.

Oxford + Regents st, probably not the most practical places to go but if you're christmas shopping then it's such a pretty experience. The christmas lights have been turned on already so the whole street is just lit up and glowing, there are also some performers singing carols and other themed songs and all the shops are decorated too.

Covent Garden, my absolute faaavvveee. There's always a massive christmas tree and again, it's all lit up with fairy lights. I much prefer for shopping here than in Oxford st because it's way less busier and again, it's just a really nice place.

Carnaby Street, this place is finally gaining more popularity and recognition. It's just off Regents street and it's got lots of shops that you wouldn't normally find on the main high street like brandy melville, monki and cheap monday. The lights are so quirky and I love how the whole area is way more suited for teens and younger adults.

Have you been to any of these places? Where are your fave festive places?

thanks to the plug EDIE (thelifeofedie.com) for providing the festive photo :)


  1. yaaaaaay my picture - I bloomin love Winter Wonderland!!

    Edie x

    1. thanks for the photo- I'm yet to visit Winter Wonderland (terrible, i know)


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