*blogmas day 3*

We're a group of lit people to be honest sooo we deserve 'de h'absolute best of de best' (read that in a nigerian accent) I've put together a small group of products that I think will prove v useful for those trying to buy things for their blogger friends but if you cba to read the rest of this then just remember pale pink, copper/rose gold, aesthetically pleasing stationary, anything marble and a few ikea house plants will be your best friends. You're welcome.

Olympus Pen-
Photography plays such a big part in blogging so a good camera is a must. This one is a blogger fave as the quality is amazing and is quite light weight too. It's definitely aesthetically pleasing, look at dat white.

A blanket-
This is a weird one but blankets are my one of favourite things ever. I know a lot of bloggers enjoy working with 'a warm up of tea/coffee and under a blanket' so I thought this would be a good addition. If ye wanna be creative, you can also use it as a part of your photo backgrounds ;) There are so many out there, the ones from Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters look sooo good.

Beats solo headphones-
Another slightly random one but definitely a necessity. I listen to music whilst blogging so there's one use. I'm also kinda falling for the colour of these, it's very out there and bright.

Essie 'penny talk'- 
tbh the only reason I added this in is because of blogger's obsession with everything rose gold/copper, I'm not really into it but hey ho. From the swatches I've seen, it's actually a really pretty colour and Essie nail polishes are generally really good quality...plus, you can get a blog post out of this by reviewing it hehe

A notebook/planner/diary-
Most bloggers I know are extremely organised to the point where they are legit able to have a whole month's of posts planned out. Meanwhile there's bloggers like me + ambra are the complete opposite lol. A notebook/planner/diary is going to be v appreciated by your blogger friends trust me + it can also make a pretty good blog photo prop!

Skincare bits-
Or more specifically, Mario Badescu products. His skincare items are cult favourites and so many bloggers/youtubers are raving about them right now. Skin care products in general are always a win and with the new 'skincare > makeup' movement, it's deffo a practical gift.

As a blogger, what would you like to receive?


  1. hahahah £78 for a blanket no fanks. but fanks for that small shoutout <3


  2. Oh this is a pricey gift guide~
    Very interesting post


  3. Ahh I'd love to receive an Olympus Pen! Fab post xx

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.blogspot.co.uk

  4. love this gift guide xx

  5. Dalal you crack me up, but the a e s t h e t i c s

    Edie x

  6. Personally, I love when I'm given stationary and anything rose gold lol.
    Love the post and as I always say your my aesthetics goals haha


    1. wow, you're definitely a blogger ha. thanks my loveeeee


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