1. What made you start blogging?
I read blogs and watched a lot of Youtube before I started blogging and I really wanted to join the community. I've always been passionate about writing and fashion and blogging was the perfect way to combine my passions! 

2. How has your style evolved? Do you have any influences over it?

Since blogging I would say my style has evolved quite a lot. Before buying a piece of clothing I make sure that I'm going to wear it (and not just once) and I rarely buy 'on trend' pieces - I wear the fashion I want to wear and not just because the people around me are. In 2017, I definitely want to start buying more sustainable and ethical pieces and curating a wardrobe that will last me a lifetime. 
3. Do you have any bloggers you look up to in terms of content? Why? 

Yes definitely! I admire Emma Gammon as her content is so inspiring, you need to listen to her podcast if you haven't - it's just so easy to listen to! I have to mention thelifeofedie and tollydollyposh, they're bloggers that I could read all of their posts over and over again; their content is so varied and they discuss topics that I'm really passionate about. How could I not mention you as well? I could just binge read all of your blog posts, your writing is FAB (and I promise that's true and not just because you're interviewing me haha). 
4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I'll be 21 (an incredibly daunting thought) but I hope to still be blogging in some form and I also hope to be at uni studying History. This could change as the next few years are going to be so influential in my life. Honestly, I don't want to think about where I'll be in 5 years time - every day is so precious and I want to make the most of it. The furthest away I'm thinking of are A levels next year! 

5. What are your plans with blogging? Will it be kept as a hobby or do you look to expand your influence through it?

Blogging is currently a hobby and I love writing, there's no doubt about it and I really don't want to stop blogging anytime soon. Next year, I want to write more meaningful posts that can impact people of all ages, bloggers have the power to change peoples views and I really want to take advantage of that for good. 

6. What made you start the '#ANEWAGEINSPIRATION' series? 

Following on from my answer to the last question, I want to change peoples views about certain topics such as fashion and beauty; #anewageinspiration just seemed like a perfect way to do that! I've interviewed a few brands/people already and I have more coming up next year. I want to interview people and brands that inspire me and know a little bit about them and who/what inspires them. What inspires the inspiration? It's a series I really want to expand in the future. 

I've been reading Eleanor's blog for just under a year now and I love how her content is that tiny bit different. I can't pin point what it is but I always find myself checking her blog every Monday and Thursday to have a look at her latest posts. She's super sweet and puts so much work into her blog, do go and check her out at eleanorclaudie.com :) 

If you would like to be interviewed then do email me: tahiradalal@gmail.com!


  1. Loved reading through this - found a wonderful blog to follow!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Thanks, you should definitely tweet her and tell her you liked her interview- I'm sure it'll make her day!

  2. yessssss I love this, and she mentioned me I'm actually shook

    Edie x

  3. This was so interesting, I recently found her blog through you!



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