I love face masks and any type of skin product that claims to purify and clean out your skin so it's no surprise that I have a few masks, the more natural the better. On a whole I think I have combination skin but in the winter it gets so much drier yet I still go for the more deep cleaning masks. Although my skin has been improving with my new skin care routine and slight lifestyle changes I still have a few breakouts on my forehead but they're going slowly but surely which is fantastic.

Before I use any of these face masks I just steam my face for a couple of minutes to open up my pores and ultimately maximise the effectiveness of these masks. Just boil a pot of water, drape a towel over your head so the steam doesn't escape and evaporate and hold your face over it! 

I've probably mentioned the lush mask of magnaminty a couple hundred times on my blog before but it's just one of my favourite face masks. It's really good for temperamental skin and it's so refreshing to use too, it's slightly exfoliating so it leaves my skin really soft after rinsing. It's completely natural so there's nothing that could harm your face and it's one of the more affordable options in lush. It's really gentle and moisturising in itself so your skin isn't left feeling tight and uncomfortable after rinsing. 

A new mask I have added to my 'collection' is the neutrogena 2 in1 mask which my dad actually got for me. It's currently on offer in superdrug for just over £2 so it's very cheap! This mask is quite gentle but when it dries it's so satisfying to see the dirt and oils in your skin be raised up by it, sounds disgusting (which it is) but ahh. It's fairly easy to wash off but it as it's so concentrated it does love your skin a little too dry. 

This mask is the easiest and simplest mask because your can legit just make it at home and it's only two steps, the ghassoul clay and rose water. Ghassoul mud is Moroccan clay and it's really good at sucking out any impurities deep down in the skin, because it's so strong I only use it a few times a month otherwise it can be a bit too stripping. I mix it with rose water to make it into a spreadable paste, you can always use distilled water but the rose water is much nicer- it balances your skin and it smells good so #win. This is the cheapest mask as I get the ghassoul mud when I'm in Morocco and it's sooooooo inexpensive and you can get a massive tub for £1.70!

Do you have any favourite face masks? 


  1. I really love the lush mask of magnaminty!! I need to try the ghassoul clay (buck me some), it looks super cool!



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