Well well well, what do we have here...an outfit post? shock horror, "but you aint even done one in nearly a year!" yes I know I'm sorry arrest me.

I have missed taking outfit pictures so much it's crazy. We redecorated the house so the walls are white or grey and we have new darker flooring so I guess I might as well use it to my advantage for super basic and minimalist shots. I go to a sixth form where I can wear anything I want which is great, I did try to make an effort with my dressing during the first few weeks but now that has all gone down the drain. I call this outfit my roadman outfit (if you're not from SE london I recommend you look up the definition on urban dictionary) mainly because of the North Face jacket, which is actually my sisters huuuuuh, and the hoodie.

I've been searching for a hoodie that didn't cost £50+ and was actually fluffy/soft on the inside and one day in h&m I saw this grey one. I checked the price expecting it to be around £25 AND THEN I SAW THAT IT WAS £9.99 I died m'boiiii. I've worn this basically everyday since I got it because it's just so soft and comfortable. Whilst in that same h&m (the one in 'One New Change' shopping centre near St Pauls highly recommend as it's so empty) I saw a pair of black structured, jogging yet smart type trousers and I just couldn't leave them behind, these were £19.99 but are a staple and can be matched with many other items I have. Only thing that's a bit ":/" about these trousers is that they attract so. much. lint I basically have to lint roll them throughout the day grrr.

My shoes are the standard New balance 373 which are the only trainers I ever wear to sixth form. They're just really easy to wear and go with any outfit.

I'm not one to wear hair accessories, especially when my hair is the accessory, but I saw this headband in the sale for £1 and I just thought "fuck it, why not." I love how this keeps my edges and baby hairs laid so they're not sticking up all over the place and it really does add something to the regular bun. I've just realised that the majority of my outfit is from h&m which is really strange as it'd usually all be from Zara...maybe I'm finally moving on.

Hoodie: H&M
Trousers: H&M
Jacket: North Face
Trainers: New Balance 373
Headband: H&M
Choker: random shop in essaouira, morocco

Hope you enjoyed the post, this is perhaps the most excited I've been for a post in a very long time...

What's your foolproof Autumn outfit/piece? 

songs I've been listening to: black beatles- rae sremmurd, problematic- get scared,  twin skeletons- fall out boy


  1. I love love love these photos and you've made me so tempted to buy that hoodie from H&M! I was looking at some from UO and they're just wayyyyy to expensive for a plain hoodie x


    1. Thanksss, the hoodie is definitely a bargain! The urban outfitters ones are like £36 I'm too broke for that ha

  2. ayyyyy is dat u yh! I also brought the New Balance 373’s in the same colour but wish I got them in a different colour bc everyone seems to have that colour butttt they were sold out lol :)


    1. Obviously, don't watch that. My new balances are my fave trainers because they just go with everything

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