Friday, 25 November 2016

vans old skool

I've finally bought a new pair of shoes/trainers (!!!) these are the Vans old skools which I love so much right now 🌹 These were so needed because I legit didn't wear any other shoes apart from my new balance to sixth form so they have been so worn down plus I want a change so here we goo. They're so comfy and (I feel like I say this for every pair of shoes I buy but) are so versatile, they fit my "style" to a t. Oh and they were cheap as well, I got them for £40 rather than £52 online because of all the black friday deals so that's always a bonus. The socks I'm wearing are from Ellesse, I've had them for so long and now they're trendy apparently so why not + they keep your ankles warm so :) I basically wear these with everything but my fave outfit combination so far (I aint got no life) is my black ripped mom jeans, light grey t-shirt, massive (grey) scarf and ye standard black jacket. I'll probably ootd that soon...
This post is more than it should be because I'm literally only talking about a single pair of shoes but anyway, hope you enjoyed this short post and happy 'black' friday !

Do you have a pair of vans old skools? What are your favourite pair of trainers/shoes?

PS- As I've got quite few posts written and ready, I may post on Tuesday as well as Friday ヅ 

Friday, 18 November 2016

lush hair

*the photo is grainy I apologise*
You can interpret the title of this post in any way you want. Could it mean the haircare line from lush or is it literally describing hair as lush. Who knows.

I got these two products a few months ago and I've started reusing them again: R&B leave-in and Curly Wurly shampoo. Not going to lie, both of them are expensive af BUT my friend gifted both of them sooo thanks b ;) 👻

I have curly hair so both of these products are most definitely suited for my hair type, especially the R&B cream. It's a really thick and heavy leave in conditioner which is always good for curly hair because it gets so dry, especially in the winter. My hair gets quite thin and brittle in the cold weather so this product is really good at keeping your curls moisturised and looking healthy. If you have straight or fine hair when this is definitely not the product for you because it will weigh down your hair big time. It has avocado butter, coconut oil, olive oil and so many more ingredients that are reeaaalllyyy good for your hair,

Shampoo isn't usually that exciting and it isn't recommended because of all the harsh chemicals it contains but Imma still use it. The 'Curly Wurly' shampoo is probably the weirdest shampoo I've ever used because of its texture, it has desiccated coconut bits so it's a bit like an exfoliated-type's strange. Just like the leave-in, this has so many oils and butters in it which allows it to be so gentle and hydrating. Only problem is that the desiccated coconut chunks kinda get stuck in your curls which is always 'fun' 🙂 but I'll let it slide because it's one of the only shampoos that doesn't leave my hair feeling stripped and dry.

Basically, I love both of these products and would probably cry if they get discontinued- especially the leave in. If you're curly haired then I would definitely suggest you at least ask for testers of these products because they're fab. I might do a curly hair routine soon so if you're interested then let me know in the comments (I sound like those typical beauty gurus: like, comment and subscribe!)

Have you tried any Lush hair products?

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(so many dollar signs)

Friday, 11 November 2016

OOTD | doing up road

Well well well, what do we have outfit post? shock horror, "but you aint even done one in nearly a year!" yes I know I'm sorry arrest me.

I have missed taking outfit pictures so much it's crazy. We redecorated the house so the walls are white or grey and we have new darker flooring so I guess I might as well use it to my advantage for super basic and minimalist shots. I go to a sixth form where I can wear anything I want which is great, I did try to make an effort with my dressing during the first few weeks but now that has all gone down the drain. I call this outfit my roadman outfit (if you're not from SE london I recommend you look up the definition on urban dictionary) mainly because of the North Face jacket, which is actually my sisters huuuuuh, and the hoodie.

I've been searching for a hoodie that didn't cost £50+ and was actually fluffy/soft on the inside and one day in h&m I saw this grey one. I checked the price expecting it to be around £25 AND THEN I SAW THAT IT WAS £9.99 I died m'boiiii. I've worn this basically everyday since I got it because it's just so soft and comfortable. Whilst in that same h&m (the one in 'One New Change' shopping centre near St Pauls highly recommend as it's so empty) I saw a pair of black structured, jogging yet smart type trousers and I just couldn't leave them behind, these were £19.99 but are a staple and can be matched with many other items I have. Only thing that's a bit ":/" about these trousers is that they attract so. much. lint I basically have to lint roll them throughout the day grrr.

My shoes are the standard New balance 373 which are the only trainers I ever wear to sixth form. They're just really easy to wear and go with any outfit.

I'm not one to wear hair accessories, especially when my hair is the accessory, but I saw this headband in the sale for £1 and I just thought "fuck it, why not." I love how this keeps my edges and baby hairs laid so they're not sticking up all over the place and it really does add something to the regular bun. I've just realised that the majority of my outfit is from h&m which is really strange as it'd usually all be from Zara...maybe I'm finally moving on.

Hoodie: H&M
Trousers: H&M
Jacket: North Face
Trainers: New Balance 373
Headband: H&M
Choker: random shop in essaouira, morocco

Hope you enjoyed the post, this is perhaps the most excited I've been for a post in a very long time...

What's your foolproof Autumn outfit/piece? 

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Friday, 4 November 2016

the ankle boot



Hate to be that typical blogger but AUTUMN IS HERE and so are ankle boots yay.

I actually bought these boots in summer of 2015 because they were on sale (in Zara) for £20 which was amazing seeing as they're real leather and so durable. The chunky gold hardware is my favourite, it adds more dimension so it isn't just a plain black and smooth boot, ygm? Anyway, I have nothing else to say other than these boots are great and pair well with everything, they are essential.

Short but sweet post (I hope)

Do you have a pair of boots you always turn to in the Autumn?