It's October now SO I thought it'd be best to revisit my summer bucket list and get this post out of the way before it reaches a too-ridiculous time to post this. Enjoy...
  • watch the arrow and the imbetweeners AND SEASON 4 OITNB ended up watching narcos and jane the virgin instead but I did watch OITNB
  • learn about the vietnam war and russian revolution (basically everything in modern history that my curriculum doesn't cover, I would've done this earlier but don't want to confuse myself because I'm that much of an idiot) 
  • learn more about philosophy, I've been self teaching myself so far and have gone into the root of evil and how God allows free will etc but need need need to learn more
  • meet my zimbabwean hottay, fran irl I MET HER
  • take some goddamn outfit pics 
  • my dad has an old canon camera that uses film so I really really really want to use that this summer and develop the photos he left it in morocco last year :) :) :)
  • visit the andalusian cities, in Spain, like Seville, Cordoba and Granada- my dad and I are thinking of going as soon as I finish school (14th!!!) but after prom. he's fluent in spanish whilst I'm getting there so I've actually done this, my dad and I travelled to Seville, Cordoba, Granada and Malaga!
  • enjoy prom, try not to take of my high heels in the first 30 mins, stuff my face with the afrocarribean cuisine (move with your bangers and mash and toad in the hole, jollof rice and jerk chicken is what I live for) and do the electric slide with everyone because traditions innit I deffo enjoyed prom, managed to keep my heels on but did swap them for my vans later on, had 3 plates of jollof and done the electric slide so yeaaa
  • visit Lille because I haven't been in so long 
  • when brandy melville hold their  50% off sale, I will get there on time and buy as many summer clothes as I can afford Went to their sale and bought 3 items which I've been wearing non-stop
  • finally buy my laptop a case, I've had to wrap it up in skirts and scarves when travelling- not cool Still haven't bought one...time to go find a scarf
  • not spend half my day in pret a manger Avoided pret for the whole 3 months lol
  • get. a. tan. as a naturally tan person, getting pale is heart breaking Got a tan during my time in Spain!
  • get a hair cut, my ends are deader than my soul FINALLY got it cut
  • actually use my dslr for things other than blog pics Managed to use it for all my holiday snaps 
  • sleeeeeeep Done that! (and now I want more, damn you A-levels)
  • make an effort with dressing, I've been wearing the same nike sweatshirt to every intervention/revision session lately...this needs to stop I've stopped being a slob and have actually dressed well lately
  • I'm going to be redecorating my room so lets hope that actually happens this summer My room has been painted and has new flooring as well as some new furniture bits
  • look after my skin because these exams aren't doing me good I've been following a strict skincare routine religiously as well as downing so much water and it's working
  • plan something with 5 of my friends So far, I've gone out with them around four times
  • skateboard and cruise around *tick*
  • learn how to ollie because I'm actually getting very frustrated right's been 84 years 
  • start reading vogue again (too broke)
  • I just need the beach, okay? Went to the beach in Malaga for two days in a row yaasss
  • maybe go to wireless festival to see my baby j cole 
  • just remembered my passport has expired last week so I need to get my passport pics done but I haven't glowed up yet so errmmm Got my passport pictures done and had to wait for my passport to come anxiously because I done the smart thing and booked my holiday with an expired passport so thats great but thankfully it came on time.
  • have fun during my 13 weeks off whilst it lasts :) 
Well that's my summer bucket list done and dusted, I'll probably return to this later on when exams and stress are piling up and want to think back to the "good ol' days"


  1. Well look's like you had a fab summer! I love the personality you put into your posts and your sidebar bio did make me chuckle about trying to be witty xx

    Lauren |

  2. Ah this is such a good idea! Sounds like you had a good summer! Xx


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