Back at it again with a skincare post seeing as I haven't done one in a while. I thought I'd update you on how I take care of my face, seeing as the season's transitioning and whatnot.

To remove makeup...
If I am wearing makeup, specifically mascara, I use the Clinique 'take the day off' cleansing balm to remove it. This easily melts away anything I have on, it's extremely effective at getting rid of those long-lasting and waterproof mascara.

To cleanse...
I use the La Roche Posay Effaclar cleanser on my Clinique cleansing brush to thoroughly clean my face, these two work really well side by side however I do alternate between the LRP and the Clinique Sonic cleansing foam. Either way, they both foam up really well (my very unprofessional indication that my face is clean) and leave my skin feeling good. It only takes 30 seconds to deeply clean my whole face with this too, so yay for time efficiency.

To tone...
This is a step I do only when I can actually be bothered, most the time I just skip this and go straight to moisturising. I use the Lush breath of fresh air toner just to remove any extra dirt however since I started using my cleansing brush, there hardly ever is any. It does help to balance my skin as well as calm down any redness I may have after cleansing.

To hydrate...
During the summer, I used the Simple light moisturiser twice a day and it done a v good job at keeping my skin all soft and supple but as we move into the colder months, my dry skin is getting even drier. This means that not only do I use this moisturiser, I use 100% argan oil on top to seal it in and also repair my skin. The argan oil isn't in the picture as it kept rolling away lol #wowsuchgoals

For spots...
I need my own juju master to banish my stress spots, it's actually a struggle. In the meantime, I use the Daktacort ointment for them (which I think was originally prescribed to my mum) but as it contains hydrocortisone, it's really useful for lessening the redness and swelling of spots. I dot this on any spots I have, leave it overnight and in the morning it's much less inflamed.

So, that's everything I use in my skincare routine! It's much more than I used to do but it works at keeping my face clear and smooth (she writes as I have sudocream smeared over the two monsters I have protruding from my face)

What's your skincare routine like? Do you change it according to the season?


  1. so I’ve already started to get spots and we’ve only been at school for 2 months :))))) So I now actually have to do something else besides using makeup wipes :( but really all I do is use coconut oil (this legit melts off ur makeup) then a Tea tree toner. Although I fink it has been irritating my skin, but oh well


    1. Me too, the left side of my forehead is looking a bit tragic right now *tear drop* I love coconut oil so much, I use it as a night time moisturiser and it's just sooo good


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