Depending on your understanding of slang, you'll probably be wondering what my blog post title actually means. Or not. Well anyway, I've got a cold so the past few days have just been me rubbing VapoRub under my nose and also reminiscing on all the times I could actually breathe clearly and how I took that for granted. Seeing as the whole flu season is ahead of us I thought I'd share a few things that have been getting me through...

VapoRub has been an absolute GEM. My nose is so blocked and congested (sorry if that's tmi) so I just put this all under my nose and it does help to 'unblock' everything. If you have a cough this is also really good at helping with that, just rub some on your chest and it decongests everything, making you feel normal again.

I also really love lavender essential oil, I put a few drops onto my pillow before going to sleep and it helps me drift off much quicker. There are a few nights when I legit cannot get to sleep because I can't breathe because of how blocked my nose is so this helps a little.

A hot drink is always a good idea, mine's in my camera lens flask (which I adore) I only tend to drink hot chocolate, not coffee ew so that's what I always have in there.

Carmex is a life-saver, I ran out of my old tub and I basically suffered until my mum bought a new one. My lips are always dry (this is an actual struggle) but when I'm ill they just get that extra bit drier so this is really good and moisturising your lips. You don't even need to reapply because it hydrates for such a long period of time.

Just like my lips the rest of my skin gets extremely dry, especially on my face. That's when I use the Aveno moisturising cream, it's really light and also unscented so it doesn't irritate the skin which is especially good for when the bit under your nose is raw after blowing your nose countless times. It just helps to smooth and properly moisturise your skin.

My laptop is basically what gets me through the day, I just sit and watch YouTube videos, read blog posts and online shop the whole day (such fun much exciting)

Yeeeah so those are my sick essentials, I'm going to get back to trying not to die. I shall see you in my next post, which will be soon because I'm trying to post everyday/every other day during the half-term holiday oi oi.
What are you sick day essentials?


  1. Carmex is a life savour! I use it all the time more so in the winter xx

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

  2. Ayyyyy CARMEX is a ggggggg. Vaporub = heaven.


  3. I prefer hot chocolate too and I agree, vaporub is like magic!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. I recently bought white hot chocolate powder and it has changed the game, definitely try it out ahh
      Vaporub is fab


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