If you read my handwritten post, you'd know that I rambled on about needing new clothes and hinting at a wishlist I have so here it is. It isn't too extensive, which is definitely a good thing, I'm not trying to get broke but it's enough.

First are these embroidered mom jeans (Pull and Bear) which I am actually in love with, I know I say this about many items of clothing but these are seriously something else. I hardly ever wear colour so the embroidery on these is definitely a new way to incorporate it into my outfits. I also really like the wash of these, it's the perfect mid-blue, true denim shade with just enough distressing.

I really need to buy new sweatshirts and hoodies, hence the appearance of two of them in this wish list, both of which from Zara. The khaki/olive green hoodie kinda gives me Yeezy vibes (which I'm not mad at) I think it's down to the colour and the slight distressing off it. I've tried it on in store and love the slackness of it, it looks like it'd pair well with the majority of my jeans. The next sweatshirt is a high collar 'Insider' one, and no the left sleeve is not missing, it's just white. I like how different it is and the chunky, yellow text makes it look quite comical -in a good way- it looks hella comfy too.

Last are a pair of trainers that I don't really need but just really want. Not only are my slip on Vans mashup, it's also getting way too cold to wear them, same with my Roshes, leaving only one pair of trainers which are my New Balances. I want an extra pair of trainers okay, I'm trying to justify it. These look soo comfy and look really good too, they're the Tubular Viral shoe. If I do get them I'll either get the black and white, Raw pink or Talc colour way (kinda leaning towards the raw pink...let me know what you think)

What's on your wishlist at the moment?


  1. I love these jeans from pull and bear - I'm loving embroidery at the moment (I wrote a post on it last week) and these jeans are just perfect! xx


    1. So am I but £40 seem a bit steep- they're so pretty though ahh

  2. Aaaa omg I love this post for so many reasons omg I feel personally connected ahah. Basically the adidas shoes my friend got for her birthday yesterday!! The embroidered jeans I have and love (even did a post on them ahah!!) also the 'insider' hoodie... I saw that today! Is this fate? lol ahha
    LOvee xx

    1. Thanks for loving the post ha. Oh damn this is all so coincidental, yeaa I actually found these jeans through your post! I haven't been able to find the 'insider' hoodie in store anywhere omg.


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