To be real, only three of the things in the photo are actually new- the rest I just used as props otherwise the flatlay would just look a bit bare ygm? I somehow managed to fuck up my "post every Friday" schedule because I forgot that yesterday was indeed Friday (fob) but from now on I will actually schedule my posts so that I post on the actual day I've promised to do so.

I decided to actually spend some of my birthday/results money now, but spend it wisely and on clothes that I will wear during sixth form so I obviously went to Zara first. Although I've slightly gone off Zara a few pieces still did stand out to me when I went in yesterday, the jumper and the faux leather jacket. Surprisingly, the jacket was only £20 which is such a good price for it, it will work as a really good transitional piece- only limitations are that I don't really know what to wear with it :/ leave outfit ideas below.
If you know me, then you'd know that I am always cold so I got (another) grey sweater with cream pipelining on the sleeves and collar and it's so so soft I love it. I then went into Primark to look around and saw this beige snood for £2 so I thought that I might as well just fuel my scarf addiction and add to the collection. Right. The LV wallet isn't mine unfortunately but my mum has let me use it until she needs it sooo I will count it as mine hehe- I love the neutral colour palette of it and it looks much more sleek and elegant than the original brown colour way. Oh, and the nail varnish has been mine since like January so that's definitely not new, it's Barry M 'eat my dust' if you were curious.

I guess that concludes my "haul", I've still got my eye on a few more items (that'll be shown in my wishlist that's coming up soon) so there will most likely be another post like this soon...

Have you started Autumn shopping? 
ps- I also have a really cool post ready to post (this tuesday, I'm going to post on tues + fri), I'm so excited to publish it and see what you think


  1. I love that Zara jacket! I had my eye on the yellow version but had no idea what to wear it with too x

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

    1. Same, I love the yellow one too- I can imagine it looking really good with an all black outfit?


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