I'm such a bad blogger, my deepest apologies for that. I am going to be establishing a solid blogging schedule in the near future (even if it is just one post a week) so I can eventually get my blog back up and running fo' real now.

Sixth form started around 2 weeks so I'm already drowning in essays and homework it's just terrific! Seeing as a-levels have started, I've decided to pick up a hobby to break up the boring, I did start getting drum lessons during the summer but I'm just going to move that over and start them in school rather than with a private (and very expensive) tutor.

My pristine vans sk8 his are now the main photo of this post, I'm actually going to return them because they make my foot long soooo long (this is the size 7 struggle fam) so I'm just going to feature them in as many posts before they're sent off lol. Also, I'm not sure if they're visible in the photos but my cousin got me socks with my name embroidered on them, from Tabio- I'm just so happy with them -wow, I'm excited over socks- You're just going to see me put my foot up on the table tomorrow at sixth form like my socks have my name on them...it's lit.

I'm so hungry right now, I just want Nandos. There's nothing to eat at home it's actually deep so that's why I've just come over to my blog. No idea why I'm sharing this but.
I read Yige's "handwritten post" and I'm thinking of recreating that post although I've got to warn you my handwriting is absolutely shitty and near illegible. Hers was so neat and clear and then mine's just looking a bit drastic.

Ok this post has slowly disintegrated from me updating you guys on my life to my actual thoughts so that's typical. I'll finish off the post now before I start talking about more random shit and scare you all off.

Did you miss me? (pls say yes)

ps- also, as a Panic! fan, it pains me to say this but I actually like Fall Out Boy too so that's new...
pps- do you notice how as the post goes down my language and vocab just gets worse and worse.
ok bye now


  1. I love these Vans - and I hope A-Levels are going alright for you so far, its my last year and I'm pretty happy about it, although lots of work has to be done!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. I do too but they don't suit me much :'( They're not too bad, the workload is definitely a shock though. Good luck.

  2. hahah the vans are nice, shame you're returning them! This post kinda makes me feel bad about complaining about GCSE's lol, oh well <3
    I hope they are all going well!
    xx Sofia

    1. I wish they actually suited me, but they don't cri. Don't even complain about your GCSEs, they're not too bad and there's no point in stressing about them trust me.


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