I know everyone says this but August legit flew past. This month was mainly taken up by me getting lost countless times in Brixton, my birthday and the buildup to exam results day. Now summer is over and with sixth form starting in a few days (o my fuck) Anyway, my favourites...

Simple light moisturiser w/ SPF15
I actually love this moisturiser so much, ngl the main reason I bought this was because it was on offer for £1.50 and I ran out of my old moisturiser so why not. This is so light (hence the name) and absorbs into my skin so quickly- it also keeps my skin hydrated for the whole day and also just makes my face look very glowy and healthy.

Clinique sonic cleansing brush
I've been wanting a cleansing brush for the longest time with my eyes originally set on the Clarisonic. My mum bought this brush for me as a birthday/results day present and I have been using it ever since, I've definitely seen a difference in my skin within a week of using it. Once I cleanse using this, I find that my moisturiser just sinks into my skin without me having to keep spreading it around (?) It has also improved the texture of my skin so much, I'll be writing a review pretty soon.

Barry M quick dry 'Eat my dust'
I've been slacking with painting my nails, mainly because I hate having to wait for them to dry but this nail polish is a game changer. I got acrylics done a few days ago and the lady painted them a taupe colour which I was fine with but when I got home I just painted over them with this and they looked 10x better. Such a pretty pastel blue colour :)

Burts bees tinted lip balm 'Hibiscus'
There came a tragic time where my carmex rolled under my bed and I couldn't be bothered to find it so I just used this instead. It's nowhere near as good as Carmex but it does the job and adds a light flush of colour which I like.

Vans sk8 hi
I wouldn't say these are a favourite because they literally arrived on the last day of August but I've been wanting them for the whole month so let's just say that counts. These are so comfy and pair well with most items in my wardrobe...

don't threaten me with a good time- panic!
luv- tory lanez
controlla remix- tory lanez
bohemian rhapsody cover by panic!

What have been your favourites this month?


  1. I've never tried anything from Burt's Bees before but I'm tempted by their tinted lip balm!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. You should definitely try them, they're surprisingly hydrating!

  2. Definitely adding those trainers to my September wishlist, they look super comfy!

    Fran | franciscarockey.blogspot.co.uk

  3. I love the simple cleansing lotion so I might have to try the moisturiser as well - so good that it has SPF 15! x


  4. Omg YES I've been using this Simple moisturiser for years and it's honestly the best I've tried even though it's so affordable! I love Panic! too <3

    1. It's soooo good, I love it. and yay, another Brendon Urie enthusiast- I'm a huge P!ATD fangirl


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