yes, it is me. I know I haven't blogged in a long time. Sorry.

Anyway, on Thursday I attended my first blog event which I honestly didn't want to attend at first but then later though f*ck it, why not. So I actually got out of bed, got dressed and attempted to do my makeup which resulted in a rather drab winged liner, highlight and filled in brows. I tried okay? To be honest I don't think I was the best attendee mainly because I just isolated myself in the corner and didn't talk to anyone because I felt so awkward and out of place, kinda regret not starting conversations but you live and you learn. I attended all three talks, one with Katie Snooks (yep the blogger and youtuber although I'd never read/watched her content before :/), Rollo (an employee at Youtube) and lastly Vanessa Guallar, an MUA, who showed us how to recreate a look with highlighted and glowy skin. As I mentioned, I didn't really converse much which left me either walking around with no purpose or on my phone -gahh- BUT thankfully I managed to make small talk with one of the makeup artists, Cat, who was really lovely and also applied an amazing lip colour (Roses are red from the Mega-Matte lips range). I also got a manicure using a polish from their 8-day wear range, so now my nails look much more presentable because trust me they weren't in a good place beforehand. I'm not entirely sure what shade she used on me but I have a feeling it was 'Coffee Nude' Before I left I was able to pick out two sets to take home in a goody bag, the products are all new to me (the whole brand is actually) so I'm really looking forward to trying out them out, especially the 3-way highlighter, and reporting back on how they are. All in all I had an enjoyable day and I've definitely learned so much from each speaker and came home with fresh ideas for blog posts! I'd like to thank SEVENTEEN for inviting me to this event and I hope I can attend many more in the future.

products shown:
Easy on the eye palettes in 'Birthday Suit' and 'The Big Smoke'
Skin Wow! Highlighter
Skin Wow! Concealer
Brow's That! Brow Kit
Tattoo Me Liquid Eyeliner (only problem is that the brush on mine isn't there so it's just a stick lol)
Eye Eye Crayon in Iced
'Birthday Suit'
'The Big Smoke'
'Brow's That'
'Roses are Red' Mega Matte 
Have you tried any SEVENTEEN products?


  1. I haven't used their products before but always see hem and think I must try them out!! hope you had fun x

    1. Neither had I before attending the event. They're usually on offer at Boots so they're always quite affordable- definitely worth trying :)


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