Today* was results day and I didn't fail. Ayyyyy.

Jk, I wasn't expecting to fail.

Anyway, I was so so so scared to get my results mainly because all the pressure that has been put on me by my school to get A*s and As. I think I started crying when I was lining up to collect my results - what a mess. I got my results, looked at them and just saw As and A*s and I ended up wailing and full on sobbing in the middle of the hall and then Ambra started crying as well as my mum so that's fantastic. My school is probably just laughing at all the photos that were taken of me bawling my eyes out as well as the one where I was forced to fist pump with a few others kmt.

As you may know, I done my triple Chemistry and Physics GCSEs a year early so my grades were two Bs from last year which I've just learned to love and accept but my results this year are as follows:

English Literature A*
History A*
Spanish A*
English Language A (Cambridge IGCSE marked our whole year down by 5 marks due to 'suspicion')
Computing A
Biology A
Maths B
Chemistry + Physics from last year B

I was so shocked with my Computing grade, like everyone knew that Computing was going to be the death of me, my coursework's made me cry multiple times and I didn't know any of the theory so I just crammed the night before and hoped for the best. "I never experred it."

Maths I'm a bit pissed off about because although maths is not my strongest point I worked so hard to get an A and was finally achieving that grade in all my mocks. The head of maths checked my UMS score and I was 3 marks away from the A grade so I guess I'll have to get that remarked- even if it does go down then it'll still be a solid B.

I'm so pleased with the rest of my grades and I'm telling you hard work really does pay off (cringe) I low-key wish I hadn't done so badly last year with chemistry and physics but looking back, I didn't revise efficiently so that's that.

I kinda have a sixth form enrolment horror story which I'll briefly summarise because why not. After getting my results I went to enrol at my schools sixth form with the intentions of doing Biology, History, Spanish and Gov and Politics. I go there and I'm told that Biology and History are on the same blocks, they no longer offer Spanish and they've failed to introduce the Government and Politics course. So now I'm forced to pick new a-levels, they suggested I do History, English literature, Psychology and Sociology...I was like not today satan, not today. I went to Ambras house (she lives 3 minutes away from the school) and just emailed all my other choices and also went down to another school that I hadn't even applied for primarily and managed to get a place due to my exam results.

Next step is a-levels which I'm dreading, I hope to take: History, Biology, English Literature and Spanish.

obviously, thanks for reading and if you also got your results, I hope you're happy with them :)

* it was actually yesterday but let's pretend I wrote this on the day, ok?


  1. Well done, I'm so proud of you Dalal, you worked so hard and it shows in your results x

  2. Well done for getting amazing results - so good!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. Very Nice Inspirations

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  4. your results are amazing congrats, even the Bs!! you shouldn't be disappointed with them!! I hope a-levels goes well, I'm about to start my second year of them eek x

    1. Thank you, I guess I'll just have to accept them. I'm not ready for A-levels, good luck tho'

  5. Very proud of you Dalal, good luck with A levels! I am confident you will smash them too 😌

    Fran |

  6. I'm glad your results day went well- I had mine too and oH MY GOD THE STRESS. It's a shame your school didn't do GovPol- I'm taking it this year along with French, Eng Lit., and history. Good Luck with A-levels!(I reckon we're all going to need it!!). Phoebe x


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