I took the photo for this post a few months ago and really really really want to update it BUT I managed to drop the blush and it smashed so it's not the most photogenic right now. Also, ya girl is back from Spain ayyy.

Anyway, I was kindly sent this beauty box from the people at Natural Collection, a brand that I've never really tried out until now. They're a very affordable brand and it's definitely worth picking and choosing between products to find the ones that work for you. The box was curated with the intention of achieving a natural and glowing look with the help of bronzer and blush etc. Pressed powder is just one of those products that I've never ever bought mainly because I don't have oily skin so whats the point but since getting this I've been using it to set concealer under my eyes and wherever else it is and it really does prevent it from budging. Very good because no one wants to see my sickly dark circles that I can't seem to get rid off no matter how many hours of sleep (thanks exams). I've also never bought a bronzer before because I'm naturally tan anyway but once again, this is a new found necessity. Just sweeping this across my face in a '3' motion really does help to warm up my face, taking away from my very bad dark circles. It has specks of glitter which create a golden shimmer on your face and really does help to achieve the sun kissed look -despite the fact it has been pissing it down with rain lately- The tinted moisturiser on the other hand does not match my skin, which isn't really the actual products fault. It makes me look so dusty but once again, it's probably because its the incorrect shade. As a whole, it is a really light base that is ideal for those who aren't looking to go too heavy with foundations and also hydrates, creating a fresh and dewy finish. As lightly flushed cheeks and the whole Korean beauty craze is roaring right now, this blush couldn't have come at the most perfect time. This has to be my fave product out of all of them, hence why I left it until last, I just love it so so much so you can probably imagine my despair when it smashed. It's so light and natural, just don't be too heavy handed otherwise you will begin to resemble the very cute pink box-stuffing (???)



  1. I love the blushers from here! Great post
    Amy x

    1. Also what's the CSS code, to have your post date and title in the middle of the page? X

  2. I've used natural collection a few times and do quite like them. Looks like a lovely box to receive! x

    Victoria | http://victoriaahelenn.blogspot.co.uk


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