First I'd like to state that I, indeed, acknowledge those white individuals who are vocal about white privilege and accept that it is in fact a problem that needs to be handled. I also understand that not every white person is a racist (of course) and accept that there are many individuals who fight for black rights and are aware of the inequality happening around us as well as the privilege they hold, instead of turning a blind eye to the injustice faced by black people. The 'whites' you'll see me referring to in the following are essentially the white supremacists, the deniers and all lives matter army in this modern day society.

If you're white, then you most likely experience this thing called white privilege often defined as a myriad of social advantages, benefits and courtesies that come with being a member of the 'dominant race'. People of colour can only dream of being accepted into modern day society and being at equal terms with whites as this racial profiling happens on a day to day basis both socially AND institutionally. Yes, black people in the US have it much worse but with America being one of Britain's closest allies with a similarly extensive colonial history, it's inevitable that they'd share similar ideologies and institutionally racist foundations. You see, this 'all live matters' shit is just a way of white people bringing the value of black lives down, yes all lives matter but in many cases these black lives don't matter as much as the life of a white man. In fact the whole black lives matter movement is here to highlight that black lives are just as important as white lives. We need to comprehend that the 'all lives matter' movement will only become successful once black lives fully matter too. The colour of a persons skin should not, and I repeat should not determine the value of a persons life. The 'all lives matter' movement is just there to negate the injustice occurring in our society and it needs to be stopped because as I said before, it's existing with no real significance or value to be added. Had you ever heard of the all lives matter movements before the black lives matter movement arose? No. It's there to supposedly 'fight back' and manipulate people into believing what is wanted to be believed. All lives will matter when the amount of melanin in people's skin will no longer determine their value. I cannot bare to live in a society where the death of a white man is more significant than one of a black person.

"Oh but more white people are killed by the police." I understand that fact but those 'white people that are killed by the police' have a reason to have been. They were killed because they were endorsing in criminal matter whilst the two black men that were recently killed were not. They were targeted solely because of the colour of their skin, they had no criminal record thus no reason to have had been suspects other than their racial identity. So, yes white people are killed by the police but there's a reason for that, that is to say for reasons outside of their race.

The black lives matter movement does not care about black on black crime. 84% of white murder victims are killed by other white people. The focus on black on black crime is evidently a diversionary tactic. A tactic trying to prove that black people have no right to be outraged by police activity in black communities because those community members are the ones killing their own people. The BLM movement is aware of the crime problem but as I've said before, it isn't a focus at the moment, the focus is on the fact that wealth is unevenly distributed with black people being highly disproportionately poor and more likely to be targeted by the police.

Ultimately it's all down to the whole false idea American Exceptionalism, the belief that America is both politically, morally and socially perfect and that it has done nothing wrong, so in a nutshell ignorant white America. The belief that these White Anglo-Saxon Protestants are a superior race and they deserve all these privileges that they seem to disregard and view as basic human rights which they are. Only poc don't get to share these basic human rights, and that's where the problem is lying. We need to deconstruct white privilege in order for us to move on but when 80% of members in congress and 62% in parliament are white males it's pretty fucking hard to do so. Think, the last time a key figure went around trying to gain support for civil rights movements, they were assassinated or immensely villanised. We've been put into such a position where we feel threatened to fight for our lives and our rights but then again, our rights and safety can simply be threatened and harmed by being non-white...*sips tea*

In school we are taught to overlook and disregard Jim Crow, segregation and general injustice that occurred in the 18th/19th century America because "it's a thing of the past" yet occurrences like 9/11 are told to never be forgotten. These white superpowers have the audacity to label a certain group as terrorists. Both ironic and hypocritical for a country who literally obtained, sustained and built their country by inflicting terror against Natives to say. Who's the real terrorist now?

if this offended u then u be hella racist

What are your views on white privilege and the blm movement? 


  1. Even as a white woman, I am fully for black lives matter. Like you said, yes all lives matter but its obvious that black lives seem to not matter as much to some people (like the police offers in the US). Its so important to make everybody equal and give people equal opportunities, so I'm completely all for it. Really amazing post, you addressed some really serious issues! You go girl!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. Thank you for this inspiring post. It makes us all realise that discrimination against people of colour is still an issue that haunts our society today.

    Hannah xx

  3. Such a lovely post, what's happening in society right now is so heartbreaking I mean it's the 21st century why do some people continue to have these ignorant ideologies? It angers me so much but, this post has been so inspiring keep doing what you're doing girl!!

    Olivia // BLONDE LA MODE

  4. I never experienced so much racism because I was shielded of it for most of my life when I lived in Africa. Of course that is understandable because all I saw around me were proud blacks who didn't take shit from anybody and loved their skins dearly. I only now know about racism and white supremecy since I came to America and to this day, It still baffles me whenever I read about the killings that has occurred lately. I can't decipher how hateful a person could be as to harm a human being just because of the skin they were born in. I hope this world gets better but I am proud of my brothers and sisters for always being so divergent and willing to do everything in their power to fight for equality.
    Great post girl!
    From a sister to another,


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