You guys probably already know how much I love the whole glowy and healthy looking skin. As a person who has never really liked the whole cakey, 'beat yo face' trend this new wave of makeup has been a blessing for me so I've obviously started embracing it. As I've just come back from holiday I have finally managed to tan again and be all bronzed and golden (as I should be, England just makes me pale and ghastly grr) I feel as if this trend is even more fitting. So, here are the products I use to achieve that fresh and dewy look!


Brows are so important these days like damn. I usually just use a tinted brow gel to tame them as mine are so long and thankfully naturally shaped but I recently decided to invest in a proper eyebrow kit. Benefit have literally revamped their whole brow line so I took this as a chance to try out their Brow Zings kit in the shade 04, it's the perfect shade and overall product for me. It contains a powder and a tinted wax as well as some (reaaallllyyyy good) tweezers and this 2-in-1 brush. I don't use too much of the powder and only focus it on the sparser areas with tend to be around my arch and then follow up with the wax to set everything in place. This just helps to make my eyebrows appear more thicker and bolder.


I've finally stopped breaking out so that's great but I do have a few dark spots left from when I stupidly would pick at my spots. They're fading away gradually but until then, I use the kiko high coverage concealer. Slight problem is that all my concealers are way too light for me now that I've gotten a tan but this one isn't too noticeable. 


Long lashes open up your eyes so to get that fresh and youthful look it's always great to enhance them. This natural collection offering is such a gem, I was sent it in a beauty box and tbh wasn't expecting much from it. It's their waterguard mascara so its waterproof but it isn't said to have a specific purpose for your lashes but I've found that this mascara is really good at lengthening your lashes. I only use one coat and that's more than enough to give me my desired length. It's not clumpy at all nor does it lead to spidery lashes and it's sooo cheap! 


Yesss, highlight!!! I feel as if this is a fairly new/hyped product because before last summer I'd never heard of what a highlight was (maybe I'm just a fob who knows) I decided to go for a cult fave, Mary Loumanizer by thebalm, it can be lightly dusted on for a subtle finish or heavily packed on. Guess what I do. I know highlight is fun and all but I'm just not into packing it on until it looks like a slab of metal on my cheek so I just use a small amount on my cheekbones (in the places the light will naturally hit) under my brow bone and sometimes on my nose and cupids bow but most the time I cba for all that so I just stick to cheekbones and brow bone. Also, because I'm broke af I don't have a fan brush and just kinda pinch my real techniques duo fibre brush until it kinda resembles a fan brush #ballinonabudget. 

glossy lips

One of my most favourite aspects of this whole dewy face rage is hi-shine lips. After nearly two years of the matte lips craze it's finally time to welcome lip glosses again (yay) I love the whole wet-look lip but hate sticky lip glosses so I'm kinda torn. At the moment I use the natural collection tinted lip balm as my lipgloss and thankfully it isn't sticky but instead is so hydrating- winning. Sometimes I do layer lip glosses because I'm that obsessed, over the natural collection one I use this super super old Rimmel one and that helps to top up the gloss.

Are you a fan of the glowy makeup looks?

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  1. #ballinonabudget made me laugh hahaha, yesss I love the glowy look too but I still somehow haven't got my hands on the Mary Lou Manizer...needdd

  2. When I tried the highlighter it was sooo pigmented! I brought the lightscapade highlighter from Mac bc it’s literally for pale people lol. Love this post

    Fridays are fab

    1. It really is. Lightscapade seems ideal for your skin tone, for mine not so much ha

  3. Nice Inspirations

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