I was in Spain for around 10 days travelling and touring the Andalusian cities with my dad. It was easily one of my favourite holidays ever! The first city we went to was Seville and stayed there for 2 days before moving onto Cordoba however we did return to Seville towards the end of our trip and spent another day there before coming home. So many photos were taken throughout the couple of days we were there so here they are. We went to the Torro del Oro, a watchtower over the Gualidivir river used by the Andalusian monarchs. Plaza Espana was absolutely stunning!!! The architecture was so intricate, I loved the warm tones of the building and all the colourful mosaics. We also went to the Alcazar which was developed by the Moorish Muslim kings. It was so eye opening and genuinely interesting to travel around all the Andalusian cities, as they were previously occupied by the Muslim Moors so learning about all the history and seeing traces of my own culture in Spain was pretty cool. And once again, the architecture and all the attention to detail in the palace was so so so beautiful. Anyway, enjoy the (very many) photos- the next travel post will be on Cordoba...

Torre del Oro - Tower of Gold

Any photos that don't look like a landmark are just miscellaneous ones so yeaaaah

Plaza de España 

Santa Cruz neighbourhood

A random but very gothic looking building...

Alcazar Palace

The Giralda Tower



  1. My Spanish teacher always raves about the torro del oro and the plaza de Espana - it looks amazing!! Id love to visit Seville! I couldn't help but notice you wearing a all black and jeans -how were you not roasted hahah?!

    1. I really don't blame her, the plaza de espana was stunning! Ahh that outfit was on the first day, idk how I survived either tbh...

  2. THESE ARE SO NICE 10/10 PICTURE GOALS DALAL. what a lovely photo diary :') I went to Seville and round Andalucia a bit and loooooved it. Iberico ham has always been my fave. This is such a nice post ahh x


    1. THANKS! Such beautiful cities right? All the restaurants offered food that was mostly made up of iberico ham but seeing as I don't eat pork it made finding food so impractical some times.

  3. These photos are amaze and I want to go to Seville so badly now, it looks like a truly gorgeous place - you can't escape Zara in Spain! x


    1. Thank you, it's definitely a culture-rich city you should look out for. Literally, Zara is everywhere in spain (not complaining)

  4. Looks amazing!
    Amy xx

  5. these photos are truly beautiful!! looks and sounds like you had an amazing time x


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