Second city we visited was Cordoba, this was around a 2 hour journey from Seville via the train. Our hotel overlooked the Puente Romano which was a gateway to the old town containing all the restaurants and landmarks. I probably took around 100 photos of the arches in the mosque/cathedral, it was so beautiful!  We got to Cordoba and checked in at around midday then went exploring, we firstly went to this museum right on the Roman Bridge which was all about the old Moors who had come to Spain and spread the word of Islam before being completely reverted by the Catholics. So essentially, the Moors did their thing and the 'others' came in and gatecrashed that. That's why you'll see that a lot of structures and architecture in Southern Spain has really prominent Arabic and Islamic style features as shown in the Cathedral de Cordoba. The Cathedral de Cordoba was a mosque that was later turned into a cathedral (duh), the photos of the arches you'll see later on are of that. The arches are an important and influential feature of Islamic architecture and the whole cathedral was literally just rows upon rows of them. Two photos down you'll see a tower which was originally the minaret (the tower from which someone calls for prayer) for the mosque, €2 each, my dad and I ended up climbing up it all the way to the top which was a mission and a half. Can you imagine having to do that 5 times a day when you have to call for each prayer! Up there we had a really good view of Cordoba and were literally surrounded by an abundance of white houses. I think we just spent the rest of the day walking around the old square before having dinner. I had paella, trying to be all cultured but it was shit so yay me. Oh well. Our hotel had a rooftop pool which was amazing and had such a good view of the whole city, we all know I'm a hoe for sunsets so I had to take the photo opportunities. Forgot to mention that both my dad and I were fasting so if we were able to walk around in 38 degree heat then anyone can, it got to a point where we were walking and I legit felt as if my throat was sandpaper. 

Have you ever visited Cordoba? If yes, what was your fave bit about it?

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