Monday, 27 June 2016

prom '16

Prom. I'm so glad I did end up attending because oh my that would've been a massive loss. If you have me on snapchat you could probably see that Friday night was quite...extravagant. As I went to a school that was mostly made up of Afro-Carribean people and just overall diverse (the best thing ever!) the prom was a mix of all our cultures. The foooood was bomb, I think I had around four plates of jollof rice...I can't remember. Oh and the music, there was no 'pop' music (apart from the Justin Bieber that Ambra got a little too excited about) just pure bashment, dancehall and afrobeats tunes. I never knew so many of us were party animals, including myself. When Drake Controlla came on I think that was when everyone lost it, *ahem* me. The location was so beautiful too, the Hilton Canary Wharf hotel, just looking over the River Thames. I'm genuinely going to miss everyone that played a part in my secondary school life, despite all the racist jokes towards me (no I did not do the Paris Attacks) these people have all made my secondary school journey one of a kind I cannot thank them enough for that. Anyway, I shall stop going on about the prom + emotions and just let you scroll down to the photos already. For anyone wondering, my dress was from Asos by the brand Club L and my shoes were also from Asos by Daisy Street. 

Saturday, 18 June 2016

photo diary | june

I think God was angry?
I've decided to do a photo diary for each month, but as I fear commitment, we'll see how this goes... 
June was a good month for me because a) I finished my exams and well, yeah- I finished exams, there aren't many other factors as significant than that. I'm posting this now because I'll be on holiday during the end of this month so yep, that explains the earliness of this post. 
views is a great album
golden hour
Ramadan cravings lead to Krispy Creme dozens
finished my exams so a long bath was needed
new succulent named Rogelio 
curly tresses in the skatepark 

btw I'm totally hooked on Jane the Virgin, go watch it now!!!

Friday, 10 June 2016

eyeliner for the noobs (aka me)

 I legit cannot draw a straight line so winged eyeliner isn't exactly a given gift of mine but during a stroll around Covent Garden <3 I saw a new store opened up called 3INA (it's pronounced mina i think) It definitely reminded me of Kiko, almost like the more minimal and chic sister...The prices are so affordable yet the products all look so professional and sleek I'm in awe. I literally couldn't decide on what I wanted to get because there are literally just stands and rows full of makeup ahhh. Anyway, I bought the eyeliner pen which I used for the first time last Saturday- you'd expect a beginner like myself to go for a thin line and tiny flick but of course I managed to do everything but that and draw a thick wing and two dots under my eye for #aesthetics. I was so so surprised to find that I actually managed to draw a wing that didn't look like a scalene triangle on my eyelid and the eyeliner stayed on a full day! It's also waterproof which is an added plus and I actually love how it's designed, it has the grippy thing that you usually have on pens so it's much more stable and easy to use. It also dried really quickly so there's no risk of smudging onto your eyelid etc. THE PACKAGING IS SO BEAUTIFUL and SIMPLE! I actually can't wait to buy more products from them, I've been stalking the website and have made a list of what I'm going back for, time to go broke: the matte lipstick in #411, the eyebrow pencil, the day cream, a few of the single eyeshadows and the lip pencil are all on my wishlist. Deffo check out the 3INA website or look in store. (ps this isn't a sponsored post lol i just really like this brand now)


Saturday, 4 June 2016

things to do...

  • watch the arrow and the imbetweeners AND SEASON 4 OITNB 
  • learn about the vietnam war and russian revolution (basically everything in modern history that my curriculum doesn't cover, I would've done this earlier but don't want to confuse myself because I'm that much of an idiot)
  • learn more about philosophy, I've been self teaching myself so far and have gone into the root of evil and how God allows free will etc but need need need to learn more
  • meet my zimbabwean hottay, fran irl 
  • take some goddamn outfit pics
  • my dad has an old canon camera that uses film so I really really really want to use that this summer and develop the photos
  • visit the andalusian cities, in Spain, like Seville, Cordoba and Granada- my dad and I are thinking of going as soon as I finish school (14th!!!) but after prom. he's fluent in spanish whilst I'm getting there so
  • enjoy prom, try not to take of my high heels in the first 30 mins, stuff my face with the afrocarribean cuisine (move with your bangers and mash and toad in the hole, jollof rice and jerk chicken is what I live for) and do the electric slide with everyone because traditions innit
  • visit Lille because I haven't been in so long
  • when brandy melville hold their  50% off sale, I will get there on time and buy as many summer clothes as I can afford 
  • finally buy my laptop a case, I've had to wrap it up in skirts and scarves when travelling- not cool
  • not spend half my day in pret a manger 
  • get. a. tan. as a naturally tan person, getting pale is heart breaking
  • get a hair cut, my ends are deader than my soul
  • actually use my dslr for things other than blog pics 
  • sleeeeeeep
  • make an effort with dressing, I've been wearing the same nike sweatshirt to every intervention/revision session lately...this needs to stop
  • I'm going to be redecorating my room so lets hope that actually happens this summer
  • look after my skin because these exams aren't doing me good
  • plan something with 5 of my friends
  • skateboard and cruise around
  • learn how to ollie because I'm actually getting very frustrated right's been 84 years
  • start reading vogue again (too broke)
  • I just need the beach, okay?
  • maybe go to wireless festival to see my baby j cole 
  • just remembered my passport has expired last week so I need to get my passport pics done but I haven't glowed up yet so errmmm 
  • have fun during my 13 weeks off whilst it lasts :) 
I've realised that this summer bucket list has turned into a to-do list which is absolutely cool. This has been written very carelessly to be honest so don't mind my thought processes.