I'm taking a moment out of my revision to write a post about revision. How productive. Anyway, I was looking through my posts and saw that I wrote an incredibly feeble revision tips post that contained your oh-so-typical "use colour" "have breaks" "write short notes" advice. So, a year later and with less than 3 days to GCSEs, I'm here to save your day (lol I can't even save mine)

Watch and learn kids, watch and learn:
No seriously, go onto Youtube and watch a study video of your choice whilst pausing to make notes whenever you need to. But don't be like me and just keep the video on in the background whilst scrolling aimlessly through social media, thinking that just because a vaguely educational video is on you're revising. I highly recommend this strategy though, I use it for English Literature revision and it helps mucho mucho, I'm sure MyGCSEScience has his core science revision videos up there too. For English Lit I use the following: Mary Meredith and Mr Salles. If you do GCSE computing then definitely go and use Computer Science Tutor's videos because they are absolutely gr8. Another thing is actually finding the motivation to revise and this is where IbzMo's channel comes in, just watch a few of his education themed videos and you're good to go. He also has an English Lit, Sociology and Psychology study guide video with general tips, essay structure and other exam hacks to get you through. Honestly, he is a life saver and is such an inspirational individual who went from Hackney to Cambridge Uni all through perseverance and passion for his subjects.

Be traditional, write notes:
You can't beat the traditional note taking. Get a text book (no CGP pleaassseee) and read the page then sum it up in note form. If you're thinking, why is she getting onto CGP, from personal experience I find their science revision guides useless. I was a B in biology using their book but now I've switched to the Oxford AQA GCSE Biology book I'm hittin' them solid A/A*s (yes it's expensive but it's worth it) Also, make sure you have notes from each subject and topic divided, it's much more efficient than flicking through countless pages trying to find the right notes, I have a pukka pad for my biology notes and a refill pad in a folder with dividers for everything else.

Say it out loud:
This is one I always use after making notes just to help me consolidate my knowledge, I tend to just teach someone (usually Ambra) a topic that I just covered and not only does it help me, it teaches her too. After all, they say you remember 10% of what you learn, 90% what you teach. Also, if you do a language at school (hago espanol) when learning your controlled assessments, I am URGING you to write and repeat, write and repeat- it helps a lot.
just trying to stop this post from being a massive chunk of text. admire these palm trees. nice.
The interweb:
Aside the mere fantasies the internet provides us with, there are so many educational forums, sample essays and notes available. I recently joined The Student Room (still a rookie) and it's so so useful, if I have a question I just ask it and people usually reply with the solution quite promptly. Also, there are lots of people sharing their notes for certain topics it's just a God send for those topics you just can't hack. It's also super useful to get other peoples essays just so you can see how to structure your answer in the exams and alla' dat.

Get off yo' phone: 
Chances are, your hotline won't be blinging anyway. Simple. Now I wouldn't say I'm completely dependant on my phone but I just like to keep it with me which often leads to the temptation of just checking my twitter feed and then soon dwindling down the black hole of procrastination. I've discovered this app called FocusNow which basically stops you from pressing the home button when you've enabled the app and set your timer. There's this plant that 'grows' the more you stay focused, if you exit the app the plant dies. Pretty depressing.

Side tips:

  • Find times to revise that work for you, I'm much more productive in the late night-early morning (aka 11pm-3am) I do minimal revision throughout the day and then go 'beast mode' at night.
  • Past papers are your friend. Print them out and do them. All of them.
  • Try not to do 8-9 hours of revision a day because that's just stupid, aim for 3-6. 
  • I would say make a revision timetable but I never stick to them #rebel
  • For subjects like History, make mind maps for key crises, it helps. 
  • Once again, I'd say use colour but that doesn't really help me but I will say after writing your notes, go through them and highlight key points. 
  • Crash Course videos on youtube are great resources if you want that extra knowledge. 
  • I like listening to music when revising sometimes, but usually "calm" music- I tried revising to Drake, when Jumpman and Know Yourself came up I couldn't contain myself and ended up spitting the bars instead of revising.
I really hope this has given you the reassurance and motivation to start studying in ways that are completely effective for you. I'm currently writing this in as an a-level student in April 2017 because I've decided to go through and update this seeing as exam season is coming up and the countdown to amazing grades is on! If you have any study tips you would like to see me add on to this then tweet me @dalaltahira.

Ambra did a post like this tooooooo!!!



  1. I feel like writing notes and saying it out loud does it for me. If I type my notes up, it's just as good as not revising at all tbh! And yeah...phones and social media can be a bit distracting.....umm...let me get back to studying! lol :P
    lovely post :)


    1. It definitely does. I find typing them up is also useful, haha good luck :)

  2. I've just finished my degree and these are all such useful ideas for helping with GCSE revision! The working at times that suit you best is so important - you shouldn't be put off by hearing that some people get up at 6am and work till midday - you'll work best when you feel best.

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

    1. Congratulations! All of my friends would say they work from midday to 6pm and I'm there still not have done any work because I simply cannot work at those times

  3. These tips are acc fab and will definitely come in handy - I've just read Ambra's post and I've just subscribed to Crash course - I definitely find that mind maps for history (and science) help so much! x


    1. Yes they 'acc' are fab ha, crash course is a saviour for me- so great!

  4. Loved this post! And good luck with your exams everyone! x

    Morgan | www.justmorgs.com


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